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what is a good utilitiy to erase a hard drive?

By Blue screen ·
Upgrading laptops with new ones, new to erase hard drive on the old ones which is the best utility to use? where data on the old ones will not be recovered.

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by Jaqui In reply to what is a good utilitiy t ...

an open source linux boot floppy that will completely and totally destroy data.

not fast.
but a complete wipe of all data.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to what is a good utilitiy t ...

The above will work quite nicely and some HDD makers have utilities that write 0's to every sector but if there is valuable company data on the HDD remove and replace them with new units and Destroy the old HDD as there is no absolute method of totally making the data unrecoverable.

If they are just run of the mill company NB's then the Above will work perfectly but you have to keep it in mind that if someone wants to do a Forensic Recovery they'll be able to recover the data actually every layer of Data that has ever been written to that particular HDD.

So just keep that in mind when you are working with these HDD's what you want to do is write 0's to every sector and not just corrupt the MBR's or FAT's as they can be reconstructed and all the data on the drive recovered.


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by B_Pope In reply to what is a good utilitiy t ...

I've never used the program mentioned in answer #1, but if it can wipe via zero-fill regardless of file system used then it will work fine.

Or you could just use the HD mfg's utility to zero-fill the drive.

Once a HD has been wiped by zero-filling it, the data can't be recovered by anyone. Any reports of zero-filled drives having there data recovered are untrue. Some have claimed there's still trace magnetic fields left on the drive after a zero-fill, but there's never been any confirmed cases where data has been retrieved from a zero-filled drive.

Even Ontrack the leader in data recovery can't retrieve data from a zero-filled HD, here's a PDF describing the situations in which they can recover data. As you'll see zero-fill wiped HD's aren't mentioned, they may be good but there not maracle workers!

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by B_Pope In reply to

Here's another link, note that data recovery involves a HD that has suffered various types of crashes, file system errors or corruption. But as I noted if the drives been wiped by zero-fill the data isn't recoverable.

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by dmiles In reply to what is a good utilitiy t ...

this should help.....
What brand is your HD? Most likely the HD mfg has a free downloadable utility to zero fill format your drive... which is what you are wanting to do. Most mfgs utility will work on any and all brands of drives. Personally I like the Seagate Diskwizard utility.
Once you have your OS installed I like the free utility Eraser 5.3,, to completely overwrite files making them virtually unrecoverable rather than sending them to the Recycle bin and deleting them, which does not delete them at all

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by shuja52 In reply to what is a good utilitiy t ...

Never heard of recovery from Zero filled HDD, it is true it the quick zero fill is available in utilities (as seagate DM has), then recovery is possible, I am involved in Data Recovery for last three years and it is impossible to recover the data from completely zero filled HDD

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by drichards In reply to what is a good utilitiy t ...

IBM PC's are shipped with Restore/Utilities. Press F11 to boot to the restore utility. It has hard drive erase utility.
Fdisk works too, it will display, delete partitions, create and formats drives.
My software of favorite is Parition Magic.

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by ComputerCookie In reply to what is a good utilitiy t ...

Sounds to complicted for me????

Unless your worried about people with high computer skills accessing data from previous installations I can't see a problem!

Perhaps somethong as simple as FDisk/Delete partion would be a lot easier

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Create a bootdisk

by open.suse In reply to what is a good utilitiy t ...
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