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What is a good way to determine how much bandwidth is needed on a network?

By soldier15 ·
I thought that it would be good to know how to methodically calculate the amount of bandwidth needed on a network before initial setup.

Any suggestions?

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Determine how many users you will have first,

then determine how much bandwidth each user will need. Multiply number of users by
amount of bandwidth per user, then multiply by at least 2 to allow for future needs.

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Follow these steps

by msmonir In reply to What is a good way to det ...

Following these steps would solve it:
1. Count the number of clients who are eligible to use internet.
2. Develop a bandwidth distribution list.
3. Sum the bandwidths of step 2.
4. Add (number of users x 56kbps) with the result of step 3.

That's it.

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