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    What is a member server?


    by phyl ·

    What is a “member server” in Windows 2000 Server? Do they have one in Windows NT 4 too?

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      by joncr ·

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      A member server is any installation of Windows 2000 server (or NT, 2003 etc) that is in a domain but not a domain controller.

      So just about any server in a domain that doesn’t handle user authentication etc.

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      by dmiles ·

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      What Is the Difference Between a Domain Controller and a Server?
      A member server:
      Does not receive a copy of the domain account database, but does have access to it if it is a member of the domain.
      Maintains its own local user account database.
      Does not process domain logons.
      Has the same built-in user groups as a Windows NT Workstation (including Power Users).
      Can be configured as a member of a domain or workgroup.
      You may have to make a determination about the role of a server in the domain. Use one of the following methods to determine the computer’s role.
      Method 1
      Click Start, and then click Programs.
      Click Command Prompt.
      At the command prompt, type net accounts, and then press ENTER.
      A list of information appears, and the last line of the information indicates the computer role.

      Sample of the output:

      c:\>NET ACCOUNTS
      Force user logoff how long after time expires?: Never
      Minimum password age (days): 0
      Maximum password age (days): 42
      Minimum password length: 0
      Length of password history maintained: None
      Lockout threshold: Never
      Lockout duration (minutes): 30
      Lockout observation window (minutes): 30
      Computer role: PRIMARY
      The command completed successfully.

      Method 2
      Right-click Network Neighborhood.
      Click Properties.
      Click the Identification tab.
      Click Change.
      If you can change the computer to a workgroup, the server is a member server. You cannot do this if the server is a domain controller.
      Method 3
      Click Start, click Programs, and then click Administrative Tools.
      Click Server Manager.
      View the role of the computer in Server Manager.

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      by phyl ·

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