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What is a mirror tv?

By AnswerShaun ·
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What is a mirror tv and do you think mirror tvs will become a need in the future?

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I don't know

by john.a.wills In reply to What is a mirror tv?

but perhaps I will get some idea if you relate the context/environment in which you encountered the concept.

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DIY Mirror TV or Smart Mirrors

by AnswerShaun In reply to I don't know

I've recently found out that people are building their mirror tvs and I thought it would become relevant one day.

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Not necessary

by PhilipDawson21 In reply to What is a mirror tv?

Mirror tvs are basically smart tvs that turns into a a mirror when turned off. I don't think it will be a need because we have smartphones already.

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Why not?

by AnswerShaun In reply to Not necessary

I found it amazing then it just need more development or maybe it will become necessary not for everyday use but to use for establishments like hotels or buildings.

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Point taken, but...

by kylestinson9009 In reply to Why not?

If hotels and buildings would spend more for TVs they would often turn off (I'm thinking lobbies and facades maybe)--might as well use the cheaper alternative (plain mirrors plus regular tvs).

Again, I get your point, I just don't see a huge demand for it.

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mirror tv is:

by smithjones962874 In reply to What is a mirror tv?

a television that can be transformed into a mirror for saving space. It consists of a semi-transparent mirror glass, which can pass high-intensity light through it.

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