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What is a SSID and where do I find it?

By srtourettes ·
Using a linksys network card and installing the software has been close to impossible. The software will say it's not active or the internet connection will die out and then spike back up, but now it's something about the SSID.

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by dmiles In reply to What is a SSID and where ...

?SSID - Service Set Identifier?

Definition: An SSID is the name of a wireless local area network (WLAN). All wireless devices on a WLAN must employ the same SSID in order to communicate with each other.

The SSID on wireless clients can be set either manually, by entering the SSID into the client network settings, or automatically, by leaving the SSID unspecified or blank. A network administrator often uses a public SSID, that is set on the access point and broadcast to all wireless devices in range. Some newer wireless access points disable the automatic SSID broadcast feature in an attempt to improve network security.

SSIDs are case sensitive text strings. The SSID is a sequence of alphanumeric characters (letters or numbers). SSIDs have a maximum length of 32 characters.

Also Known As: Service Set Identifier, Network Name

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by tumtum73 In reply to What is a SSID and where ...

The SSID (Service Set IDentifier) is a token which identifies an 802.11 (Wi-Fi) network. The SSID is a secret key which is set by the network administrator.

You mention that your having problems with your Linksys Network Card, but you make no mention of a Wireless Access Point. I would ensure that the Netowrk Card you are using is compatible with your Access Point first.

Then check the documentation for what your Access Point uses as the SSID by default. If you can try to reset the Access Point to it's default settings in case you accidentally set it to seomthing and con't remember what it is.

Bottom line is it sounds like an issue between your wrieless card and the access point your trying to use.


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