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    what is admin.msi


    by mdjameer ·

    what is admin.msi
    what is tcp/ip class

    what major beetween winnt and win2000

    what is diffrent winxp home addition and pro

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      by p.j.hutchison ·

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      1. If you mean Adminpak.msi, then it contains the management tools to manage Active Directory e.g.
      AD Users & Computers, AD Domains and Trusts, AD Schema, AD Sites and Services.

      2. A TCPIP Class is a range of IP addresses. Class A has 255^3 (16M) addresses 10.x.x.x
      Class B has 255^2 (65K) addresses 169.191.x.x
      Class C has 255 addresses 10.1.1.x

      3. Windows 2000 supports Active Directory, IIS 5, Plug’n’Play, DirectX, larger HDs, Dynamic Disks.

      4. XP Pro supports IIS, Remote Desktop, Supports adding to Domains, Advanced Security etc

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      by deyev ·

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      1. The installation file is a Windows Installer Package File with the extension .msi.
      2. This is IP address of net number & node number. There are several type of ip classes.
      Class A
      Class B
      Class C
      Class D
      Class E
      3. Access anonymous user in NT.
      4. WinXP Home: no dial-in, no MUI, do not scale, no EFS

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