What is an effective time tracker?

By egormishinwork ·
Trying to find an effective time tracker, would like opinions
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To get an effective solution.....

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to What is an effective time ... need to clarify what type of activity and/or if it is for a computer, cell phone or tablet. Your question is too vague. Are you willing to pay something for the tool ?

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For marketing agency

by egormishinwork In reply to To get an effective solut ...

For my marketing agency, I am looking for a solution to control my employees. The software is needed for a computer and is willing to pay

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Control versus Time Tracking.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to For marketing agency

Those are two different questions or areas to discuss.

If it's control then you install management. Since that would be classic business management the issue might be a new business owner that wants the computers to whip the employees rather than mid management.

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Some Options for Time Tracking

by Old Molases In reply to What is an effective time ...

Time Doctor, Rescue Time, Hour Stack, Everhour

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Custom function

by egormishinwork In reply to Some Options for Time Tra ...

Is it possible to switch on and pay for the features you need?

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Time Tracker

by dailyupdatesWW In reply to What is an effective time ...

A time tracker application empowers your employees to automatically track time with a timer or log the time they spent on various tasks manually. Time tracking can also be a part of a more extensive project management solution where you can monitor time spent by assignments completed.

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Time Doctor

by jaceytome In reply to What is an effective time ...

Time Doctor is best time tracker

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