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what is best palm pda/pc

By h5jatt ·
Hi, could you advise me what is the best pda/pocket pc to purchase?

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by michaelwright In reply to what is best palm pda/pc

I would consider the most recent models of either the Ipaq or the Palm. Not knowing exactly what you fully plan to uses this device for, then it is hard to make a exact recommendation

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by rmechelke In reply to what is best palm pda/pc

I would agree with Answer #1. It is hard to recommend a specific PDA without understanding your specific needs/usage. However; if you are looking for the most versatile product that gives you good traditional PDA functions (calendar, contacts, etc.) and a wealth of 3rd party applications, I would recommend one of the Palm Tungsten devices. I personally use the Tungsten/T3. It is by far the best Palm yet and I have used them all (Pilot Pro, Palm III, Palm V and Vx, Palm m505 and m515, Palm i705, and Palm Tungsten/T. My Tungsten/T3 combined with a Nokia Bluetooth Phone and Wireless keyboard have all but eliminated my need to carry around my notebook PC. The Documents-To-Go software that comes with the Tungstens does a great job with MS Word and Excel files (more compatible with Word and Excel on the PC than Pocket PC). I also have used both the DataViz Passwords Plus and SplashData SplashID products for securely keeping my confidential business and personal information with me at all times. They are both great applications with password security beyond what is in Palm OS.

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by joortman In reply to what is best palm pda/pc

Do not purchase a Dell AXIM!!! Have had numerous problems and too many patches and fixes to warrant the needless headache. Go with a Palm. I use a m130 and it has performed flawlessly.

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by subscriptions2 In reply to what is best palm pda/pc

I am very pleased with the Sony Clie PEG-SJ22/U. I have also read many reviews and it seems like a concensus as the best bang-for-the-buck. It's price is the same as my prior Palm m505, however comes installed with 16MB memory -vs- Palm's 2MB memory.

Like wise the unit's memory is expandable, I believe up to 256MB.

One engineering fault is the writing pad --- it does not print charaters as well as the Palm's m505 writing pad. After having the unit as long as I have, I discovered a smaller centered area of the writing pad allows for greater accuracy.

Anyway like I said..."very pleased" and the best bang for the buck.

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by mtc In reply to what is best palm pda/pc

I had a Clie SJ-30 and it worked great, nice screen and very long battery life. Now I have the new TJ27, it's basically the same but with Palm OS 5.2 and much nicer design. I also got a lot of extra software when I bought it.
If you just want an organizer, it's great.


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by tjc In reply to what is best palm pda/pc

There are 2 main types of PDAs out on the market right now, the Palm Platform and the Pocket PC platform (by microsoft). Palm was the leader and is still the major leader in the PDA field, but Micorsoft is moving along faster than the speed of windows to the forfront. So the question first is Palm or Pocket PC. The second question from there is connectivity of the device, wifi or bluetooth. the third thing is software, you can always add software. the 4th thing (or the 1st depending on your prefrence) cost. I recommend you go to the store or visit the online sites and compare the PDAs that are currently out there. Some haver a camera built in, some play music built in, some have wifi built in, some have bluetooth built in. Memory cards, look for the SDIO ports - that is the most up to date technology, where you can put in digitial cameras usually with that type slot, or barcode scanners, if you have software to run a cash register for business off of it, etc. Good luck. I my self is still using a palm IIIx that has 4 meg ram and no expansion slots at all. It does me good right now, but I';m waiting for the palying field to get uncluttered and then I'm planning to buy the winner's device.

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by muhdghaz In reply to what is best palm pda/pc

Hi. I would like to suggest before you go out there and buying a PDA, you should know first what is the purposed or need of having a PDA. Whether you are a power-user like System Admn you might considered taking the iPAQ series. Else if you need it just for normal usage like storing name and address, or keeping you spreadsheet or word documents, PALM would be good enough even thought PALM do have some powerful series.

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by shripalkkad In reply to what is best palm pda/pc

I reccomend Treo 600 of PalmOne (Handspring) Its good and can be used as Mobile *** PDA.


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by djohnson In reply to what is best palm pda/pc

Palm T3. No Ifs ands or buts. The only thing it lacks is 802.11b, which should be available later this year through an sd card. I believe we are just waiting on drivers from SanDisk.

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by TrojanMan69 In reply to what is best palm pda/pc

not knowing what you want it for and your price range, it is very difficult to answer this question precisely. I would stick with a palm or sony, and one of the most reliable models out is on palm, it is the tungsten series with a built in camera, real one player, and expandable memory. It works just fine in my experience.

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