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    What is better, to sell open source crm as is or fork it then rebrand it ?


    by bitgeek33 ·

    A few of our clients are always looking for CRM solutions within low budget.

    We already provide instances of open source CRM’s like suite crm with little bit modifications as desired by customer.We manage training, support tech and cloud hosting etc for them.
    Now we want to commercially offer CRM to more customers, our issue is about what should be the right approach.

    Use open source softwares as is and just charge in the name of support and hosting services.

    Fork and re brand open source project then develop it further independently.

    Or there is any better or right approach.Our purpose is to create a trusted market pres sense in CRM implementation field, while propagating good words for open source projects.

    We will be developing these open source projects at our end also and will contribute them back too.

    How does other IT companies does that ?

    Any examples company along with your suggestion will be highly appreciated,

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