What is causing Bloomberg image to appear on Excel spreadsheet?

By Hazik.A ·
Some workstations have been updated to Windows 7 on the trade floor. They are running Bloomberg and Excel, just like on the previous XP machines. However now at random times in the day for few seconds, when an excel spreadsheet is opened, parts of the Bloomberg application appear on the spreadsheet. To be more specific, small patches on the screen show what would have been on the Bloomberg application in that spot on excel.

The traders received new machines, which has a more powerful graphic card, more ram, more processing. The monitors have not changed.

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Couple thoughts

by robo_dev In reply to What is causing Bloomberg ...

I have worked on a couple of PCs running the bloomberg app, and as I recall, it's basically an old DOS app that runs full screen in Windows?

Windows 7 has real issues running DOS apps full screen, and sometimes to make DOS apps happy you need to run the XP version of the video driver

I would guess there may be a Win7 version of the Bloomberg app?

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Reponse To Answer

by Hazik.A In reply to Couple thoughts

Thanks for the reply. Bloomberg actually only looks like a DOS program. They tried to redesign it, but traders protested against it because they are so used to the look. They kept the DOS look, but its not DOS.

Would right-clicking and choosing " trouble-shoot compatibly" be the same thing as the using older video drivers?

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I have not tried the 'troubleshoot' feature in Windows 7

by robo_dev In reply to What is causing Bloomberg ...

If it works the same as prior versions, it's pretty useless....but I could be wrong.

I know you can run applications in 'compatibility mode', which does some of the same things as running the actual XP display drivers.

there is the risk that using the XP video drivers may break something else, so if the Bloomberg app will run properly in compatibility mode, then that would be the best bet:

Also, I would talk with Bloomberg and see what they recommend. See the attached chart that talks about what works with what.

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Reponse To Answer

by Hazik.A In reply to I have not tried the 'tro ...

Yeah we also scared that it may break something else. They are production machines and we can't risk having any downtime on them.

But we are currently trying to get a trader replicate the problem in our test environment and we will be sure to try what you suggested. Thanks!

We are in the process in getting a hold of Bloomberg, but for the moment they have no comment on the matter.

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Sounds like screen drawing lag

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to What is causing Bloomberg ...

When a windows application gets stuck while processing the screen will not redraw the contents of the window until the computation is complete. Quite often an aggressive application(bloomberg) can take the foreground when it would normally be "drawn" behind the window you are looking at (excel). I would blame excel. The new office apps are hogs and often hang while loading. It's not really a "problem" but if you don't want to see the bloomberg window you should minimize it before opening Excel. Just minimize the bloomberg window anytime you are not looking at it because it will most likely be updating all the time when it is open.

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Reponse To Answer

by Hazik.A In reply to Sounds like screen drawin ...

Haha, yeah asking the traders to minimize Bloomberg before opening excel will just give the following response: " But it was fine on the XP machine". We have gotten a lot of comments like this. We were only trying to upgrade their resources to make their lives easier.

Anyways, I appreciate the input. I will still try to run it by them and see what they say. Thanks!

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