What is causing system hangup?

By rlsumrall ·
My customer has a newly built system running Win Server 2003 Standard x64 R2 Sp2, over the weekend when he comes in to use it it will be hung up. He has to reboot several times before it comes all the way up. Once up it runs great till the next weekend. What could be cause the hang-up? Why does it need several reboots before it is successful?
I7 950 @3.07Ghz
8gb ram
Gigabyte X58A-UD3R mobo

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Well for starters what is the system set to do when it hangs?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What is causing system ha ...

As for needing to restart several times this need to be looked at. I would suggest pulling the Power Lead from the Computer and then waiting 30 seconds with the On Button Pushed in to drain the Capacitors and then trying again to turn on.

if it works now I would be suspecting the PS as the culprit and replace it with a Brand Name unit like Antec or Corsair.

You could also hit the Antec PS Calculator to see if it has the correct wattage PS in place.

You can try installing the Windows Server 2003 Computer Management Console Event Viewer if you don't already have this installed to find out what is happening. You can read a TR Blog on this here.

Also is this being used a as Server or Workstation?

If it's a workstation it may not be a suitable OS for that purpose and I suppose there is a reason for using a i7 CPU Setup with a Server OS but I would have expected a Xeon CPU Setup myself.


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