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    what is CPU Scheduling

    by roadtaxcalculator ·

    last day I am facing problem in the CPU scheduler . the CPU scheduler process in simple terms? How does it decide which processes get CPU time? What are the different types of CPU schedulers, and how do they impact system performance? Are there any real-world examples or scenarios where one type is preferred over another?

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      Reply To: what is CPU Scheduling

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to what is CPU Scheduling

      In simple terms the CPU schedular allocates system resources to applications/processes running in the background to optimize its usage. I can’t offer any workarounds or alternative solutions like you are asking about.

      Reminder to all, feel free to name applications to help but do not post internet links or your posts will be edited or deleted as SPAM.

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      Please expand on this.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to what is CPU Scheduling

      What problem are you facing?

      It’s not possible to address this without you revealing what the problem is.

      That said, I am reading folk complain about the Windows 10 scheduler on Core i9 CPUs. To that there is NO FIX. Intel and Microsoft will not be issuing an update. You’ll have to move to an OS that supports this CPU.

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      by bilalakram2234 ·

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      Real-world applications of these scheduling algorithms vary based on system requirements. In real-time systems, where certain tasks must be completed within strict time constraints, priority scheduling is often used. Interactive systems, like desktop operating systems, commonly use Round Robin scheduling to ensure all user processes get a fair share of CPU time, enhancing system responsiveness. In batch processing environments, where throughput is prioritized over responsiveness, First-Come, First-Served or Shortest Job First scheduling might be preferred.

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      Reply To: what is CPU Scheduling

      by johnjames65322 ·

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      Hey roadtaxcalculator,

      CPU scheduling is basically the traffic cop for your computer’s tasks. It decides which program gets to use the CPU at what time, keeping things running smoothly. There are different scheduling styles, like some prioritizing short tasks or giving important programs a head start.

      I’m curious about your scheduler issue – what kind of problems are you facing?

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      Reply To: what is CPU Scheduling

      by zandymargoon ·

      In reply to what is CPU Scheduling

      Alright, imagine you have one toy car and a group of friends who all want to play with it. But you can only give the car to one friend at a time because there’s only one car. Now, you don’t want any of your friends to feel left out, so you decide to make a plan. You will give the toy car to each friend for a little bit of time before passing it to the next friend. This way, everyone gets a turn to play, and no one has to wait too long.

      CPU scheduling is kind of like that. In a computer, there is a part called the CPU (Central Processing Unit) that does all the important thinking and calculations. But the CPU can only do one task at a time. There are many programs (like games, web browsers, and other apps) that all want the CPU’s attention. So, the computer has to make a plan to share the CPU’s time among all these programs.

      The plan the computer uses is called CPU scheduling. It decides which program gets to use the CPU and for how long before it moves on to the next program. This happens very quickly, so even though the CPU is only doing one thing at a time, it looks like everything is happening at once to us. This way, all programs get a fair chance to run, just like all your friends get a fair chance to play with the toy car.

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        OP needs to tell us more.

        by rproffitt ·

        In reply to Reply To: what is CPU Scheduling

        “last day I am facing problem in the CPU scheduler”

        I don’t see how we can help them without knowing what problem they are having.

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