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I want know about what is cyber security and also how to prevent a threats to our business.
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Cybersecurity protects your business data

by RonCloudGeek In reply to WHAT IS CYBERSECURITY AN ...

There are many underlying threats from malicious black hat hackers who are preying within the shadows to destroy and steal your business data.

To protect your business from script kiddies and malicious hackers your business needs to install firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Perform Penetration testing on your website.

It's a step by step process and it varies from business to business. You need to identify what kind of cybersecurity service you are in need of.

Consult a Cybersecurity professional.

Best of luck.


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Cybersecurity and how it prevents threats

by Abeer Gauher In reply to WHAT IS CYBERSECURITY AN ...

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting your systems, networks, and programs from any kind of attacks. These attacks are aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying important information, or interrupting business processes.
There are may ways to protect your data and systems from these attackers.
Different types of encryption and hashing techniques can ensure your data's protection when transmitted through the network. The usage of firewalls and intrusion detection systems can help thwart any attacks by adversaries.
Actually, it depends on what type of system it is and what type of services you are providing to your customers.

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Security basics

by azeem28 In reply to WHAT IS CYBERSECURITY AN ...

In a nutshell, cyber security deals with the security of your network/computer/programs/digital presence from malicious attackers trying to break it.

Generally, CIA triad is the basic foundation of information security which may be linked to cyber security as well. This means that we try to provide the services of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability alongwith other services like Authentication, Accountability, Access Control etc. Different mechanisms are used to provide these services to users.

By implementing above mentioned services through different mechanisms, we can prevent threats that may try to harm user/system/business.

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Cyber Security and its protection for business

by aishakf7 In reply to WHAT IS CYBERSECURITY AN ...

Cyber security or Information security is a vast umbrella of protection techniques tools and policies hence is the field of study and practice to protect electronic devices (like mobiles , servers , computers , networks etc) and most importantly data on those electronic devices that becomes vulnerable to malicious attacks once they get connected to networks and further more to cyber space.
This field of practice do protect your business data and devices from getting into the wrong hands by protecting the Confidentiality , Availability and integrity of your system and data, either by the installation of Firewalls that filters your traffic on network or by the telling you to update your authentication procedures.

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Ways and Products to Mitigate Risk

by kendallolson In reply to WHAT IS CYBERSECURITY AN ...

Every company with a direct (e-commerce) or indirect (public facing marketing) website needs a few products, for which there are an abundance of vendors to choose from. A few basics to avoid DDoS attacks and data theft are enterprise threat protectors, application access management software and a web application firewall from a CDN to monitor, absorb and stop DDoS attacks. A consultant or quick google search will help you find them all, and resources like Forrester and Gartner will rank the ones worth your money.

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Cybersecurity and Threat Prevention

by henrycartersmith93 In reply to WHAT IS CYBERSECURITY AN ...

Cybersecurity can simply be defined as the process of protecting servers, networking systems from external threats such as ransomware attacks, malware, virus attacks that can cause data loss, data theft, and even lock you out from your computing systems.

A data breach could cripple your business small or large, costing you thousands of dollars lost in sales or damages. These attacks are on the rise for many reasons. many attacks are for personal gains and for underground companies who make money through ransomware attacks and stealing many companies' sensitive data that includes customer information, and financial statements.

In some scenarios, it is a speculation of many that some enterprises indulge in this activity to cause harm to their competitor's reputation by leaking sensitive information or causing serious damage to their data infrastructure.

Prevention is rather simple only if you follow these steps properly.

Develop data security policies and train your employees about them. Make sure they follow them. Otherwise, laws and policies are just some statements on a piece of paper.

Install and update your cybersecurity software regularly on end-user systems (employees). Securing data center systems and fiber channels becomes meaningless if computers connecting to it are not properly secure or networks are not properly protected.

Set up a data backup and disaster recovery appliance like that from StoneFly DR365U that allows you to use your favorite backup software like Veeam with the combination of public clouds (Azure, AWS). Other than that the universal system is capable of integrating with your existing on-premises hypervisors such as Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix, and KVM. That's the structure of an almost perfect Backup and DR environment.

Finally, regularly change user passwords, limit the employees from installing new software applications, secure Wi-Fi networks. Create remote backup copies to safeguard your data in a scenario of a disaster.

Best of Luck!

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Cybersecurity and how it prevents threats to your business

by pooja1588142131 In reply to WHAT IS CYBERSECURITY AN ...

Cybersecurity is a practice of avoiding digital equipment or electronic devices like servers, computers, mobile devices, networks, from getting hacked by malicious attacks. This term can be applied in different environments like business or mobile devices or networks.
In the modern world, data is the most important asset and the global economy relies on data and information and any business is as secure as much of its data; therefore, it is important to secure the data from attackers. Such types of attacks could cause risk to any organization like - it can lead to loss of critical data of customers or loss of important assets of any organization along with breaking into their website or also leading to financial losses. Whenever any system is hacked, this unauthorized use has the ability to cause damage or sometimes compromise the information of millions of users of the affected network. Generally, large companies and corporations have been popular targets. However, small businesses are actually more easy targets. Large organizations and companies invest a huge amount of money to protect their and their client's information, whereas small business is completely opposite as they have a very little budget, or no budget to invest for security. Taking advantage of this, the hacker considers small businesses as easier targets. These security breaches can cause loss of customer data as well, no matter how small or large an organization is.
It has been found that a number of large or small businesses are vulnerable to security threats because of the lack of proper security measures. But cybersecurity has helped in identifying vulnerabilities in the businesses. It has helped in protecting my business by providing digital protection to the business and a risk free online working environment to the workers. Cybersecurity has helped in protecting the personal data of employees and customers. It has also affected productivity in a positive way.

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Cybersecurity is hugely important to business in the digital age

by AmyGall1991 In reply to WHAT IS CYBERSECURITY AN ...

Cybersecurity is probably the biggest risk your business faces in the digital age, perhaps more so now than ever. People are working from home, meaning devices are spread across a greater geographical area, all with access to information that is highly valuable and appealing to cybercriminals.

Your company’s data is the new bricks and mortar and should be protected at all costs. You wouldn’t just close your door at night without locking it, setting an alarm and having surveillance or CCTV in operation, so why wouldn’t you put the same amount of effort into making sure your data is locked down and as secure as possible?

Take advantage of cloud storage systems for any data, or a hybrid of cloud and on-premise. A company whose sole purpose is to protect what you have saved is going to offer you far more protection than having information physically stored somewhere. That would be my starting point.

From there, it’s important to look at the specific platform your business is using to make sure you have it locked down with access only available to those that need it. The company I work for have produced a free to download white paper ( that details the specific threats your business is facing in the current climate, and how to counter them using Microsoft Dynamics.

One of the main benefits of using cloud technology to make your business more secure, is that it’s an area of IT that benefits from real evangelists who are willing to share their expertise. I’d definitely recommend resources like these - especially as they’re free of charge and contain relevant, real-world advice from respected experts who use the platform day in, day out. Good luck!

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Importance of Cybersecurity

by lisapiccolotto In reply to Cybersecurity is hugely i ...

I agree with you stated and the advice you gave.
I think cybersecurity is an area worthy of commitment. The struggle between increased needs and limited funding is, however, characteristic of this industry. Today it isn’t just the number of cyber attacks that is increasing, but the degree of these attacks is on the rise as well. Sometimes companies underestimate the business impact they might have.

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