what is driving notebook prices higher everyday

By badim ·
it is noted that there is eminent competition in the notebook manufacturing world yet prices are still soaring especially in countries where income levels are on the low side. what is the price mechanism involved? does anyone have any idea?

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Well as the cost of RAM is increasing

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to what is driving notebook ...

Due to low supply that could be part of the issue but I think the main one is

Related to Natural Disasters that have occurred recently damaging the Manufacturing Capabilities of Plants to make the components that are used to build these devices.

For example Benq a major component maker is no longer building their own NB's because of damage to their Manufacturing Capacity and are concentrating on supplying existing orders. Or at least that is what I have been told as an excuse for places being unable to supply Benq complete units. Apparently their Net Book Capacity has not been affected but their Notebook parts capacity has as they are no longer offering their own brand Note Books on their International Web Site.

So combined with the under supply of RAM and the damage done by earthquakes and other things recently I think you'll find that is the problem and reason why prices are increasing for these units.


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