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What is expected New IT hire

By msam137 ·
I have been working for a company for about 3 weeks now as a junior IT/help desk type person. My IT manager has been with the company for maybe 6-8 years and then he has a remote person who does almost all the monitoring of the servers as well, as the database work you can say everything. When I was hired as a temp I was replacing some one who they believed just could not cut it did not have the knowledge or skill set from what I was told never met him.

I am looking for advice from IT managers what are you expecting from a new IT hire who is responsible for more then just help desk after 3 weeks. I find myself browsing this site looking for ideas and things to do. I will admit I am not a good self starter, I usually know how to complete any task that is asked of me or atleast no where to find the answer. But right now I spend a lot of my time playing with my thumbs. How do I go about finding out what is expected where do you think I can jump in at. Right now I am still working with limited Admin rights I can view exchange but can not make any modifications to users and so forth. I am responsible for the tape backups. They have almost all of their task documented even down to my daily task.

So I guess I would like to know what would you expect of a new hire 3 weeks into with knowledge of the network but limited admin rights.

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I'd expect you to be very very careful

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What is expected New IT h ...

Really, you badly need to talk to your boss.

You have documentation, you are lucky that is well rare.

If it's all up to date and wouldn't benefit from a review, other things you could look at as part of the learning process would be.
Configuration Management, Disaster Recovery, or perhaps get some scripting under your belt and look at automation, monitoring etc.

How about an asset register hardware and or software.

Don't jump in anything, it will scare the **** out of your boss. You've got to build his confidence in you, he's got to give you a clear way to do that.

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