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What is fatal Error and how can we resolved this?

By gaurav_hero001delhi ·
Hi Sir,

Can you Plz tell me that what is fatal errror how can it obtain in PC and what is the solutions to resolved Fatal Error?

Thanks & Regards,

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What is the exact error

by sadhbh In reply to What is fatal Error and h ...

Need a bit more information here. What is the OS, when does the error occur, what is the exact error?

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Where to find help, wrong forum

by Oz_Media In reply to What is fatal Error and h ...

This is a question best asked in the Tech Q&A forum.
Click here:

Make sure you post your operating system (XP, Windows98 etc.), when the problem occurs and if possible (while starting MS Word for example)and post the error message too.

Fatel errors, resulting a a blue warning screen (the blue Screen of Death or BSOD) will GENERALLY,be due to incorrect drivers, failed hardware (Memory, hard drive failure etc,). But other fatal errors where you get a popup dialogue box will also display the information you need to post.

But if you post in the right forum, you will get far more detailed replies, just make sure you post the needed info.

Good luck.

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In general ...

by stress junkie In reply to What is fatal Error and h ...

... fatal errors in any computer process are the result of an error detection mechanism finding evidence of a problem. This is true of all computers and all software.

Long ago computer designers realized that hardware can malfunction. They learned to design mechanisms to detect errors when they occured. Things like the parity bit on memory can signal a hardware generated error. All of the hardware mechanisms used in computers to detect hardware generated errors are collectively called error detection and correction mechanisms. As the name implies, sometimes errors can be automatically corrected.

Software can also detect errors. If a software mechanism designed to detect errors finds a problem that it cannot fix the software designers force the software to "crash". This is because the data is not reliable and having the software "crash" is better than having the software deliver incorrect results. This is the essence of a fatal error.

Software error detection mechanisms are designed into several layers of the software. The operating system is principally responsible for ensuring data integrity but applications can contain their own error detection mechanisms. In any case the software designers force the software to crash rather than deliver incorrect results.

Another layer of sofware that causes fatal errors is when the security monitoring mechanisms detect a problem. Almost all operating systems, particularly multiuser operating systems, are constantly monitoring what they just executed and comparing that operating against a security model. When the computer detects that the security model has been violated then the security mechanism will force the operating system to crash. This is because it is better to crash than to allow a security violation to take effect. M$ Windows often crashes from memory segmentation faults, for example. This happens when the memory management monitor has detected a request for an illegall operation from an application. Windows deliberately crashes the application or the operating system in order to protect data or to avoid incorporating a computing error into the results of the application software. All multiuser and/or multitasking operating systems do this.

So fatal errors are the result of a problem being detected by hardware or software. Their purpose is to stop or to minimise damage from errors or security breaches.

I think that this question, as written, was broad enough that it is legitimately posted in this forum rather than in the TQ&A forum. That may not have been the intention of the poster. He/she may have had a very specific situation in mind. I figured it didn't hurt to answer the question as it is written. It may help the question poster or it may help someone else.

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