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what is fiber optic patch panel

By mdjameer ·
what is fiber optic patch panel if fiber optic patch panel used then there is required for fiber co nverter

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by TheChas In reply to what is fiber optic patch ...

Fiber optic patch panels are similar to network patch panels.

Making proper fiber connections is a bit more complex.

You need to use the proper mating cables and fiber splitters.

You would normally connect a fiber optic patch panel to a fiber channel switch or controller.

Yes, if you are going from a fiber optic line to a copper line, you need a converter.


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by OTL In reply to what is fiber optic patch ...

The fiber optic converter normally takes the form of a switch or router, either of which can have the ability to convert optical technology to copper.

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by djbrown62 In reply to what is fiber optic patch ...

Fiber optic patch panel is like any other patch panel. It's a device that acts as a connection point between a terminated cable coming out of the wall and a patch cable. The patch cable then connects to a piece of networking equipment. Panels generally have several connections (a dozen or more).

The connectors on the panel have to match your terminations from the wall and the terminators on the patch cables. Connectors come in ST, SC, and SMA types.

The converter is an electronic device that changes moves the a network signal between dissimilar network media. It's how you move signals between Coax, Cat5, AUI and Fiber or change signalling speed. These can be single or multiple interface devices and can be integrated into other network devices (bridge, repeater, hub, switch, router).

The converter has to match the connector on the cable and the electrical properties of the two media its converting between. It is protocol independant, meaning that it doesn't care if you're running TCP/IP or IPX/SPX or whatever.


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