What is Filetram Affiliate Program about?

By Kanyebolt ·
Hello, everybody.
I am talking about that is new file search engine.

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to Smeg

by Kanyebolt In reply to What is Filetram Affiliat ...

Oh god, thank you , i didn't mention the link. Hope , the information is complete

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Well I could be completely wrong here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What is Filetram Affiliat ...

But the way that I read that Site is that you somehow setup a Link and the people who download through it derive money for you.

I would see that as you hosting a Download Link and saving the Company Money.

But I'm only going on what I read there and I could be completely wrong.


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FileTram Affiliate Program

by igorvernick In reply to What is Filetram Affiliat ...

It's about earning money from referral links: you upload a file to filetram or one of the listed filesharing service or just copy it from filetram search results and post it somewhere to web. You will be get paid for every complete direct download of this file ( 1 $ for 1 Gb) as i understood.
Also, I've found out that you can earn twice if you upload file to any filesharing that listed to filetram base and registered to affiliate program of this filesharing. Than took a referral link and go to filetram, use the "direct download " feature of filetram to get another on referral link but referral link of filetram in this time and post it somewhere.
In this case , you will be get paid by filesharing and filetram also. :)))

To learn more about i used those links:

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