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What is goin on?!

By cat1service ·
I must say I am perplexed. I am working on a small peer to peer network.

The problem: One of the workstations (dimension 3000 with flat panel) monitors would go white for around 30 sec. I had been haveing other issues with this box like usb would not respond when I pluged a printer into it.

The other day, I was working on a problem where every workstation except the above mentioned could not see other workstations around them (I would get that message saying "you dont have permission or network path could not be found.")I tried everything even adding the nodes into the host file manually and nothing worked. When I was making these network changes, the screen on the problem computer would go white. Finally it stayed white and wouldnt go back. Once this happened, all the computers could then see all the other nodes on the network. The monitor was white even after I disconnected it from the box so I thought the monitor was done and got a new one.

The new one works great and everything seemed to run fine until about 30 min ago when a monitor on an entirely different computer flashed white for 30 seconds when the user accessed an excel file residing on the local machine!

Now I did for a short period of time swap monitors with the initial bad ws to see if the box was causeing the screen to go white or if actually the monitor was bad. The monitor displayed fine. It is now that monitor which is back on the ws that I initially took it from that is flashing the white screen.

My initial theory was that the monitor was sending a bad signal into the box and thus the box was sending a bad signal out on the network! But now, with this other monitor haveing this problem, I dont know what to think.

Could this one box be blowing up monitors?


I think I may have a virus, that is the only thing I can think of.

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It does sound like a virus

by mjd420nova In reply to What is goin on?!

It seems a bit farfetched, but with the extremely
large cross-section of Processors, video cards
and associated peripherals on todays networks, this could be just the iceberg. Take the suspect
WS off the network and exercise it to see if you
can duplicate the problem. The other WS that's
affected, did it access or fetch any data from
the original affected WS? Maybe somehow the
video driver got corrupted on the one WS and those sorrupted settings maybe inbedded in the
data fetched from it by another WS on your
network. Confirm this by trying to duplicate
the failure from a third WS.

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I had a similarish

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What is goin on?!

problem once. It looked like the workstations were just hanging every now and then, turned out to be the NIC driver.
Several boxes, same hardware, same install of wrong driver.
Got lucky while searching on google for some help on known problems with the set up

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by cat1service In reply to I had a similarish

That's what I thought initially was a chatty nic which essentially it was, but once I took the bad monitor out, it is now running perfectly.

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Not seen that one before

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to

Still these intelligent devices must get bored being plugged in all the time and start playing.

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