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What is going on here?

By unclegarbage ·
My zip drive will not reconize any disks' that I insert into the drive. It pops up a diolog box saying please insert disk into drive. I just installed a replacement zip dirve and it keeps doing the same thing. Please insert disk into the drive. I have tryed more than one disk too. I have updated the drivers, I have check the EDIE and power cables too. I am lost at this point. Any information would be great. I am using windows 2000 pro and windows 98, it will do it on both sides of the operatingsystems.

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What is going on here?

by joemaldonado3 In reply to What is going on here?

i see it as thus: a) is there power to the zip drive unit; b) are the drives 'ready' to use (format?) c) is the drive on write protect? d) is the zip drive recognised by the OS e) try to look into the slot that the drive fits in, there may be bits of trash or goo in there; the last i can say is f) the read write head may be shot... (ouchie!!!) good luck, joe

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