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What is going on with TR "NOW"??????

By sleepin'dawg ·
After exercising a convoluted rigamarole to get myself logged in, I can't get into discussions. I can start one but I can't see any of the others. I can get questions, I just cannot get discussions nor, as it follows, can I read any replys, without going through replys from my contacts. Whatever the PTB opted for while I was away, certainly has not made TR any easier to navigate; in fact navigation difficulties have gotten much worse, by at least a factor of three. That doesn't say much about a site supposedly dedicated to IT and computers.

I have lodged several complaints but the replys that I get bear little idea of what my complaint was about. My last request resulted in a reply that indicated I was a total novice with computers, giving me instructions about how to set my security up. It was accurate except for one tiny matter, in my original request, I had already indicated that I had already taken those very steps, so their reply was as effective or helpful as a screen door on a submarine.

I am even having trouble with White Papers. They tell you a paper is available as a PDF but when you click on the link, you are given an outline but no way to download the PDF. The truly odd part of this is that there is no consistency in this matter; there are some White Papers that DO have a functioning link to a PDF, others none.

TR has now become somewhat like taking a ride through the House of Horrors; everytime you turn a corner you encounter a new surprise. They don't frighten you so much as they completely annoy you. I am beginning to think TR is endeavouring to drive the oldtime members, the ones with signing power and/or purchasing power away from this site so they can attract a new species of users; adolescents and the anti-social, those who have yet to achieve or accomplish anything of note or worth. The latter have nothing better to do with their sad little lives except try to spoil the atmosphere and dialogues amongst technical professinals.

Yes a lot of what we do in the off topic section may be perceived as foolish or childish but its like someone said, a vitual water cooler where we can come and **** off steam with others of a similar background or bent. It's a pity it seems to be deteriorating rather than improving.

TR should be aware that while we may enjoy it, like it and want it, we don't need it. If the site becomes more trouble than it's worth, a lot of people will move on to other more enjoyable things.

So much for a Thursday morning rant. I'm posting this in hopes that we and the PTB can get TR back to what it was and its original focus. A start might be made if the off-topic forum was renamed "The Water Cooler"

Dawg ]:)

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Same problem

by gadgetgirl In reply to What is going on with TR ...

Could see everything but the front page of discussions, ergo the hot and new lists too.

As for feeding the trolls, I must admit, I'm getting bloody fed up with it, too.


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I can see them now

by JamesRL In reply to Same problem

I flushed my cache, but I've done that before and not have it work.

And I stopped feeding the kookie racist idiot moron.


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Why don't we all

by neilb@uk In reply to What is going on with TR ...

go over and harass Julian at or whatever the site's called.

I'm sure we'd all be very welcome.

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Me too

by sd support In reply to What is going on with TR ...
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Sudden popularity?

by onbliss In reply to What is going on with TR ...

Why the sudden popularity of TR among surfers and searchers? Read someone mention something about this :-)

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I can't really blame the TR folks....

by dawgit In reply to What is going on with TR ...

And a big Thank-You to Beth BTW for the great job of trying to intercept some of those less than honorable posts. Poor woman, getting stuck on the baby-sitting detail. So again a big Thanks Beth.
It looks to me as if TR had to pull the plug a few times today on some of the site. Because of Jack-----'s. Pain in the ar$e. But we'll live. (I hope) Just don't let me catch up with those little /&&($&$?. -d
(did I spell that right?)

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I get the pages

by jdclyde In reply to What is going on with TR ...

The problem I have are the load times are horrible. If I stop the load before all the massive ads that have been added can finish loading, I save about two minutes load time.

I don't mind ads on a page, but when they adversely affect loading of the page, they are going to chase away more members, hurting overall revenue in the long run.

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I have intermittent various problems

by AV . In reply to What is going on with TR ...

When I go to TR, I never know what I'm going to get lately. Sometimes the pages don't load when I go to discussions. Other times, I get page not available. Sometimes I can't find discussions that I've viewed but didn't post to. They seem to disappear. Sometimes I'm logged in, sometimes I'm not.

I surely hope that TR is not trying to drive the old-timers away, though I've thought the same thing myself. Maybe TR doesn't want to be about anything but technology, but from my point of view, it sure is nice to talk with other technology people about something else sometimes.

Someone at TR, probably Beth, must have done alot of work (thanks so much!) to clean out the awful spammers that have been posting lately. I didn't see those discussions tonite. When I looked at them last night, it was making me ill. TR wouldn't be worth looking at if all of its postings were from people like that. What a bunch of ill-mannered twits. I don't think I'd be bothered with TR either if they were the kind of people that posted.

I think a "Water Cooler" tag might more aptly describe our discussions instead of off-topic. Maybe it should be somewhat restricted too, to people that have been members of TR for awhile. That way, people that just wanted to spam couldn't have access.

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But the doctor says your doing much better now?

by jdclyde In reply to I have intermittent vario ...

I just LOVE to respond to just peoples titles sometimes........

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