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What is happening at Techrepublic?

By TheVirtualOne ·
What's up with the website?
Every oter time that I login it freezes.
If I turn off the images and work text only I can post but its a real drag!

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On my pc......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to What is happening at Tech ...

It's hanging while trying to load the darned ads, often getting a small "page not found" in the mini ad window. The rest of the page finally loads once the ad server times out. But, I can't click anywhere until that happens. It's really frustrating and it's changed the way that I navigate the site.

You can bet that I'm NOT reading the ads, let alone interested in their products, due to the frustration this particular ad server creates no matter what web site uses it. Companies paying this ad server should pull their business.

TR should be able to program their pages to load that ad server last, after everything else loads, so we can go about our business without having to wait for the stupid ads.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to What is happening at Tech ...

when it finally loads if you are a bit keen and click on a link the Page jumps and it opens another link, not what you were meaning to click on. Very frustrating. It took over 2 hours to update my profile this morning.

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I was not on yesterday, too busy

by DadsPad In reply to What is happening at Tech ...

so I cannot say if it was slow for me. But today have not had an issue.

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Yo, Virtual!

by Tig2 In reply to What is happening at Tech ...

Please add the "feed-back" tag to this post so that the TR folk will find it.

There have been some challenges lately. I would guess that they will schedule an outage again this week- likely today or tomorrow around 4p CST.

If you are using Firefox, try the "No Scripts" extension. It may help.

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by TheVirtualOne In reply to Yo, Virtual!
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They just had an outage this afternoon

by Tig2 In reply to done

There is a thread on it in Discussions. If you continue to have odd behavior, post there. They will watch that thread pretty closely.

Hope this helps!

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