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What is HPFS and NTFS on a hard drive?

By larryfowler89 ·
While trying to install windows 95 on my compaq
contura 4/25c laptop, I get a message that says,

" Cannot create a temporary directory."
" If you have HPFS or NTFS installed on your hard
drive, you will need to create an MS-DOS boot
partition to set up windows."

I checked FDISK and a partition already existed.
How do I get it to create a temporary directory?
How do I install windows 95?

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by TheChas In reply to What is HPFS and NTFS on ...

High Performance File System

New Technology File System.

NTFS is the file system that Microsoft started using for it's commercial operating systems such as NT, Windows 2000, and XP.

Windows 95, 98 and Me can only access FAT file systems.
Further, most versions of 95 are limited to a FAT16 file system with a 2GB per drive size limit.

Before going any further, is it possible that the hard drive is larger than the BIOS on the laptop could recognize?
If so, the drive may have been set up with a drive / BIOS overlay software package that tricks the BIOS into working with the full capacity of the hard drive.

If you are comfortable that the laptop had Windows NT installed, and you do not need ANY information off of the drive, proceed as follows:

Boot from a W95 startup disk.
Run fdisk, and delete the "non-DOS" partition.

Exit fdisk, and reboot.
Run fdisk, and partition the drive as desired.
Make sure to mark the primary DOS partition as active.

Exit fdisk and re-boot.

Format at least the C: drive.
format C: /s

Insert your W95 CD, and run setup.

If you believe that the drive has a BIOS overlay program installed, check the hard drive manufactures web site for instructions on how to boot to a floppy with their drive software installed.


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by aquaris In reply to What is HPFS and NTFS on ...

Back in the good old day.....prior to win95

When win3.1 and window for work group were in vogue..

Microsoft in collaboration with IBM started on a new operating system..
with Multitasking capabilities and as powerful as the apple's operating System with a new user interface...

...but right at the end say at the eleventh hour thing did not worked out well..and they splitted..

Bill gates then gave us Win95....prior to it..
winNt was nearly used a secure Filling sytem called NTFS...or new technology file system...

Where as IBM produced what is/was called OS/2

it used HPFS or High performace file system...
using a technology where the file system was more efficient and had less bottlenecks...

any way...thats just a little background...

when you use a computer you must decide..
1- Which operating system you would have..
2- What kind of file system that operating system will use..

in the present ...with Microsoft's OS
we can use..
1- A FAT16 Now nearly obselete fling system
2- A fat32 filng system for our OS
3- NTFS a much more powerful and secure filing system for our OS

..then we must prepare..(Fdisk to allocate space..and Format to use the filing system for our OS.) the hard disk to use..

For your problem...

Simply Boot from a bootable media..( that is clean boot..)
Delete earlier partions and repartition..the format the partition..

hope it helps..

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by Deadly Ernest In reply to What is HPFS and NTFS on ...

First answer has all the information that you need to do the jub but missed out on one important warning.

All the Compaqs have corporate driver information etc loaded onto the hard drive, often this includes some of the BIOS information as well. If you are rebuilding a Compaq the recommended action is to use their 'Restore' disk.

It is important to note the above as sometimes they 'trick' their machine sinto using bigger harddrives than the BIOS would normally accept by adding extra info and software in that corporate drivers.

Having given the warning. If you are sure that the hard drive is fully usable with the bios blowing away the corporate info will not do any serious harm. I have often improved the performance of a Compaq by clowing away this info and doing a clean install.

If you ahve the proper corporate 'restore' disk you can always rebuild the who;le drive and info from that.

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by Devinefv In reply to What is HPFS and NTFS on ...

NTFS......"New Technology File System"......
HPFS......"HIgh Performance File System"....

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