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what is i.did virus?

By riarose_lizardo ·
in school, all our pc got an i.did virus. we dont know where we get it. we suspect it came from a diskette inserted by some students. we cant get it off, it ruin all files by making it executable. will you help us pls.. we want to know what its nature, where it resides, where it came from & how can we get rid of it. thanks!!!

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In addition

by Mark W. Kaelin Editor In reply to Found on this site

In addition to what is on TechRepublic, you can take a look at this page for a description:

I think you need some anti-virus software.

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curious one

by nelson In reply to what is i.did virus?

same here, im only just a student here in an IT school, but still concern about problem the virus had given us, especially, we just finished our finals, much our work involves saving in a diskette.. I too wants to know how to get rid of the virus, which i believe is made locally, since i leaves a message "Buti nga sayo!"... i am not only talking about the diskette, but also the computer itself, because the anti virus here we are using is not capable of healing the infected files

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Preventing is better than cure

by derexzaid In reply to what is i.did virus?

Hello. I want to contribute something about the i.did virus. For now theres nothing you can do about the infected file. AVG7 can rid the virus but the problem is once the file is infected, it converts the file without notice into an executable file, even healing it would be impossible to turn the file back to its original format. The result??? the file is healed but it is also deleted. So preventing is better than cure. I hope this reply helps you.

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i.did is just a cheap virus

by mithan017 In reply to what is i.did virus?

i.did virus is just a cheap virus.

I too experienced that i.did virus in my XP. By the way the “buti nga sayo” word there means “you deserve it” in English. What I did to stop that virus in my computer was to first deleting its link from the recent document in the drive c, which is hidden. Since it is hidden you need to deactivate the hiding of files from the control panel. (Go to the control panel, folder options then click view and check the show hidden files option)

After I had deleted it, I went to the scheduled task and ended the process of sysmon32.exe which runs ( the real cause and not the i.did) the virus. Finish.

I suggest that you dispose the diskette that is infected by this virus and you can check it out from a clean diskette.

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i forgot to tell

by mithan017 In reply to i.did is just a cheap vir ...

search for the sysmon32.exe in your computer and delete it. Delete it too in the recycle bin.

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i.did virus

by jape_1011 In reply to i.did is just a cheap vir ...

Hey, I just want to ask more about that "i.did virus" in my computer.I dont know where I get that virus and I'm really having a headache on how to delete it.Ive read about the advice of "mithan017" but I really cant figure out the solution..What link will I erase in my recent documents?I'm having a hard time locating the link.Please help me..Thanks!

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In addition..

by jape_1011 In reply to i.did is just a cheap vir ...

I've already deactivated the hiding of files but I really cant find the link....Please give me a brief explanation/description of the link..What kind og file it is?Its extension and more..I really want to get rid of that virus in my computer...

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How I got rid of the virus...

by milmarqtan In reply to In addition..

Hope this works for you.

I first started the computer in SAFE mode (you could do this by pressing F8 continously before the computer boots to WINDOWS).

In safe mode I clicked START>RUN and typed MSCONFIG. go to STARTUP and uncheck ALL suspicious background programs (such as sysmon, but I think I unchecked ctfmon).

Then restart the computer to normal mode.

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I forgot

by milmarqtan In reply to How I got rid of the viru ...

Delete the sysmon32 file after you uncheck it.
Remember, if you dont enter safe mode, MSCONFIG won't run (dont know if its also caused by the virus)

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