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What is IT?

By Garion11 ·
Here I am sitting down at my PC on my humble little network at 1:00 AM and this question pops into my head. What is IT? We talk about it, we live it, we work it, we sleep it, we breathe it, but what the **** is IT? Can anyone define this for me? Yeah..yeah Information Technology indeed...but thats just too simple of an answer though, isn't it?

Networks, databases, programming, Linux (the little OS that still can't), Windows (the big OS that tried and failed miserably) whoa! hey now pardner, we are getting too technical. Is that IT? Are we the geeks of the world who work with other geeks and tinker with toys made by more geeks? Is that all IT is? A BIG GEEK FEST? Holy hard drive of a motherboard! *GASP!!!*

This fascinating discussion at the above link lead me to this question. IT sucks!, some scream! IT rules!, others screech! and that all equals mass confusion for the newbies and drunks like myself. Pray do answer this question. What is IT? A professional industry accepted definition and hopefully a rabid hate filled discussion ensues afterwards.


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You could just consider it to be another job

by stargazerr In reply to What is IT?

Its like being a doctor or a Fire Fighter ... Some people love their job .. Some dont. You will never know whether or not you like it unless you try it.

IT is passion to some, never ending study to some. It really depends on how you view the situation. I look at it as an opportunity to learn and create. To me IT is a passion and a way to have fun as I learn.

You need to weigh your options against your passions and decide whether or not IT is for you.


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by TonytheTiger In reply to What is IT?

Intelligent Tinkering.

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