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what is KMM and KVM,same?

By lcw ·
what is KMM and KVM,same?

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by ozi Eagle In reply to what is KMM and KVM,same?

KVM stands for Keyboard, Video and Mouse and is usually associated with cables and switches that allow you to select different computers connected to the same Keyboard, Video and Mouse. ie you can control 2 or more computers without having more than one each keyboard, monitor and mouse.

I haven't come across KMM, but I assume it stands for Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse, as above for KVM.

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by ahar In reply to what is KMM and KVM,same?

Im not sure but I've once heard Keyboard Multi Media is meant case those boxes have additional ports like audio. But it's the same, maybe a little bit more buggy than the ordinary KVM ;-)

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by AndreAkbar In reply to what is KMM and KVM,same?

KVM = Keyboard, Video, Mouse , its like a cable console connector to many servers. (Many servers->1 keyboard,Video,Mouse).

Haven't found what KMM exactly mean. But i came across this APC - ENTERPRISE NETSHELTER KMM SWCH MOUNTING BRACKET. http://www.amatteroffax.com/Item.asp?INVID=84129
Probably close thing to KVM, KMM -> Keyboard,Monitor, Mouse ??

Correct me if i'm wrong :)

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by lcw In reply to what is KMM and KVM,same?

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