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    What is Linux advantage over Unix?


    by zrinko ·

    My boss has chosen to run Linux as the operating system on our office server. What are some of the advantages of Linux in this application over Unix, (or Windows NT for that matter) ? The server handles our office quoting system software and internet access and e-mail networking.

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      What is Linux advantage over Unix?

      by brian ·

      In reply to What is Linux advantage over Unix?

      The short of it…
      GUI- Unix is command prompt only, Linux has a Graphical User Interface which makes it easier to use.

      VS NT
      Open Source- anyone can read and write the actual code.

      Less standardized – because of the open code there are numerous GUI’s available meaning that you get the underlying Kernel (core of the OS) and then pick the interface you like best. Kind of like choosing a browser Netscape or IE except there are quite a few Linux GUI’s to choose from.

      Stability- I dont remember the exact numbers but a couple years ago I read the avg linux server didn’t require a reboot but about every 90 days compared to a couple weeks for the typical NT server. Red Hat or another Linux site lists the particulars.

      Low Operating Overhead – It also has very low overhead and runs fine on a 486 or old Pentium computer.

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      What is Linux advantage over Unix?

      by peter marshall ·

      In reply to What is Linux advantage over Unix?


      Linux and UNIX are the same thing. You should think of linux as another flavour of UNIX. As mentioned in the previous answer there are differences in the GUI between the flavours of UNIX. The one difference between Linux and UNIX is the total cost of ownership. see the article at

      There are many differences between any flavour of UNIX and NT. Stability is the major one. UNIX servers rarely need a reboot. The current uptime on my servers starts at 163 days (4 X Solaris 76 & 2 X Redhat 7.2) My NT servers need regular reboots.
      A UNIX/Linux server can perform all the functions of an NT server with greater reliability. By implementing a few tools on it such as samba the difference is transparent to the users.
      There is a wealth of information on installation and configuration of a server available, e.g. to configure samba



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      What is Linux advantage over Unix?

      by shanghai sam ·

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      As they said above, linux is a more user friendly and free version of unix. The money is in the tech support. I think linux is great for servers, but still to immature for the average desktop user. Also,I just wanted to get in a little NT defense..Irun NT 4 / 2000 web and database servers and I do not have to reboot every week. That used to be a requirement, but this has come along nicely for the over abused servers. In fact, I am starting to go through withdrawl with this batch of servers. I feel like rebooting them occasionally, just for good measure, even when there isn’t a problem. Sick, isn’t it.


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      What is Linux advantage over Unix?

      by zrinko ·

      In reply to What is Linux advantage over Unix?

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