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By XEntity ·
We sing about it. We write poems about it. We make movies on it. We have pastors who pound podiums, point fingers, stomp feet, and bellow out words about love.

The beat is cool. The rythms are cutesy. The artistic expression is powerful. The pastor puts on a good act. But I still don't know what love is.

Can anyone tell me what love is? Is love a language? Is love an action? Is love nothing more than benevolent data? Is there a dependency of love on space and time? If I dispense it where does it comes from? How do I acquire it? Is there different kinds of love? What in God's name is love?

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by XEntity In reply to WHAT IS LOVE?

One of the reasons I asked this question was I went to one of those charismatic Calvary Chapel churches. Now, I am not a fan of churches, let alone a charismatic one, to begin with as the people seem to be pretentious and fake in these places. But I had gone to this place attending sermons and classes over the course of nearly two years.

Originally, I had made a prayer that I was going to this place to learn. They had a somewhat well organized school. What I truly came to know was Jesus Christ. I learned that I thought I was a Christian but I was not. I made the adjustments in my life and truly felt a deep sense of contriteness ? not because of any specific event but in a religious sense.

During this time what bothered me most was a few not-so-pleasing events that transpired at that place. The one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb was there was no love in the Senior Pastor and his wife actions at any point. Sure they ?did? loving things in that church but there was no obvious character of love in him or her personally. It was all superficial.

What was amazing was how he could talk and harp on love but he knew nothing of MATT 5:44. At one point, I became this man?s enemy through happenstance but had no such intentions that were my own.

They acted like the sadducees in character who insisted on the literal execution of the law of retaliation: "Eye for eye, tooth for tooth". They were surrounded by a protective wall with gatekeepers and stood at a distance from people.

They were the anti-thesis of who a watchkeeper is supposed to be. So I have been asking what is love since this time?

By the way, I could remark that I have been telling the entire world, everyone I meet, everywhere I go what I know about this man and woman. I could tell you I will keep doing this until the entire world knows what I know. But this is not the character of love. I know that.

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by deepsand In reply to CAVALRY CHAPEL
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Love is...

by Roc Riz In reply to WHAT IS LOVE?

...nothing more than a four letter word, like many that you cannot say on network television.
Also like snow, work, and other problems, too numerous to mention.

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by XEntity In reply to Love is...

It seems sad to me that love to you is such a vulgar or laborsome thing.

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And it seems sad to me

by drowningnotwaving In reply to LOVE IS A PROBLEM?

that you can't laff about it either.

Love is all those wonderful things in the Letters to the Corinthians that lots (including my wife and I) had read at our wedding.

But it's also getting drunk and having dirty sex while the kids sleep.

It's blowing the monthly household budget for two front row seats to the Stones last year (sad old $hits that we are ...).

It's a wife who absolutely digs cricket, football and punk rock.

Now THAT's luv.

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It's often times (in a variety of forms) the thing. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to WHAT IS LOVE?

.....that all too many people use to think with instead of using their brain.

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by XEntity In reply to It's often times (in a va ...

Max, you are always here!

So love is a monster that pokes around indiscriminately?

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You'd have to ask gg (gadgetgirl) about that one!

by maxwell edison In reply to THE RELIABLE ONE

That sounds like somethig she might say!

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Calling on GADGETGIRL!

by XEntity In reply to THE RELIABLE ONE

We need your insight! Where are you?

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by XEntity In reply to WHAT IS LOVE?

What if love had a clear language as some suggest that involves; quality time, words of affirmation, meaningful gifts, endearing (not erotic) touch, and acts of service.

What if love was really benevolent information that has a dependency on space time?

What if love is a gift given to a human? What if the extent of free will was to determine how to dispense this gift love? What if mature love was the ability to love the giver back?

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