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What is memory limit for an emachine T2240??

By fuerherm ·
I have an emachines T2240 with a 128mg memory card and a 256 memory card. I just tried to install a 1GB memory card and it doesn't seem to recognise it. Any ideas??? Have I reached a memory limit??? Roy Fuerherm

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I'd go to Crucial.com.

by Ron K. In reply to What is memory limit for ...

Use their System Scanner Tool or simply provide all of the information to look it up.

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Try doing some research.

by ropratt In reply to What is memory limit for ...

You claim to be an IT Consultant, and you cannot do a simple web-search on the model and find out what the limits of the hardware and BIOS version are. Find a new profession. You must be a well educated "Computer Science" grad, I mean USER.

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He will probably never come back to see answers.

by Ron K. In reply to Try doing some research.

I think there's a lot of that going on.<br>
At first I thought your reply a bit harsh but quickly realized that I often feel like saying the same things. :^0 <br>

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Your are correct

by ropratt In reply to He will probably never co ...

That was harsh, and I should have been more politically correct in my response. The problem is that people are lazy, and just want ?an? answer, and with the information provided, I cannot provide a ?correct? answer, only a guess, and even in providing a link, it would be based on my guessing of BIOSv, HWv, CLOCK and OS, which was not provided. I guess that I could have requested more information, but that would have been asking a lot, base on the original requester, as written. Don?t get me wrong, I am the first person to offer a general answer or a link, but 9 times out of 10, it is based on not only the question, but the flow of attempts in which the requester followed, before asking. Giving a link to Crucial is always a fast and easy answer, but not the correct one, because their information is general and their HW scanner is incorrect about 40% of the time, as it is based on a general set of parameters, and when you get into DDRx, and dual-channel, I find that it?s even a smaller percentage.

The other issue is that just because you can place the memory in the hardware, and the BIOS sees it, does not mean the OS will see it or use it, so, without a complete picture, making any statement is nothing but a guess, which I consider to be bad information, and I then have to qualify my answer, based on the set of parameters I used to come up with the answer.

Thank you for your comment, it was well taken.

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