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What is "Network :."

By inmoncolley ·
When trying to do anything (Repair, Remove, MS Updates) to MS Office 2007 "Can not find Network :." appears. I've done several MS "Fixit" but nothing has fixed the problem. All "Fixit" apps give specific locations, i.e. %/appdata/% and so on but I can't find anything specifically about " :. ". Research indicates that some uninstall wasn't completed but I'm at loop de loop point. The last time MS Office 2007 updated was Dec 2011. My "Restore" only goes back to mid Feb 2012. I do have a full system back up that was done the first week of Jan 2012. I didn't want to go this route if there was a fix otherwise.
Please, anyone who have had this problem or know how to solve it, let me know.
Thank you

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You may get away

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What is "Network :."

Just removing M$ Office and clearing the system making sure that it's completely removed and then rebooting and reinstalling it.

But I would think that a complete Reload of the OS and associated software would be needed now. However that's just me as I find it faster to reload Windows and everything than attempting to repair any Windows Problems that take more than about 30 minutes to fix.


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Reponse To Answer

by inmoncolley In reply to You may get away

OH Smeg - Thanks for the reply. You may have a point as for reloading. I'll save that for a last ditch. All the MS Office 2007 parts work. I just can't update them OR even remove it normally. Not even MS's manual method works. The ".cpl" won't load. There's a MS "Fixit" that is supposed to cleanup partial uninstalls however, it indicates I don't have .NET Framework 2.0 or later installed. According to "ADD/Remove Programs" and a check of the Windows folder ".NET Framework" I have all the framework installs from 1.1 to 4. I think the more I type the closer your solution becomes.
For others who may chime in - It's XP Media Edition 2005 (I know. Yuck!) There's a few other quirks that are along this error's path. JAVA is another program that doesn't want to update easily. So far, I've 'forced' the JAVA updates. However, Mozilla programs won't recognize the update's version number although it uses the JAVA. When updating Mozilla, the update won't install so I have to download and install it from the full length version.
So, What's the answer?

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