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What is NEW~1.DLL?

By fushigi681 ·
Why this missage always appear evrytime I log on windows 2000 professional "NEW~1.DLL is missing or currupted". What should I do to stop appearing this message evrytime I log in.

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by ajis In reply to What is NEW~1.DLL?

NEW~1.DLL is not a windows file.PLEASE CHECK ANY OTHER SOFTWARES THAT U INSTALLLED.may be that software is Corrupted

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by Nilt In reply to What is NEW~1.DLL?

Sounds to me as though you had NewDotNet that was removed via something other than the "official uninstall". This usually happens via anti-spyware apps but could also be due to a manual removal. There is *supposed* to be an uninstall with NewDotNEt and, generaly, I can use it nowadays. Sometimes, however, the uninstall isn't present.

NewDotNet is a LSP (Layered Service Provider) that inserts itself between your PC and proper DNS calls to provide their own custom domains such as NewDotNetSucks.bob ...

There's a tool that can remove references to missing LSPs. If you Google "LSP Fix" the first link is to the app; I'll link it below too. Be careful what all you remove as some other apps such as the web accelerators from Earthlink or MSN are also LSPs. LSPFix will usually autodetect that a referenced LSP is missing and will add it to the remove side automagically.

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