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what is odbc/jdbc used for?and when do we have to use them?

By farnam7022 ·
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what is odbc/jdbc used for?and when do we have to use them?when using a specific database such as sql server,do we have to install and configure odbc/jdbc?

and my other question is why cant thrift/avro/rest/protobuf be used with rdbms,they are services,why are they just used with nosql dbs? I am reading professional nosql book,and there is a list of different nosql db access methods,and they are listed as nosql db access methods,but when I googled them I saw they are services for serializing datas and so on(each of them is for sth).

thanks in advance.

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wrong forum

by john.a.wills In reply to what is odbc/jdbc used fo ...

Your question belongs under technical questions, not around the water cooler. There are people who regularly look there for questions they can answer.

I cannot answer (or even fully understand) your question.

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