What is "normal" SBS2003 WSUS file size?

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I'm a small business owner and have a server that was set up by an IT guy that unfortunately isn't around anymore. He set up the server w/ the OS on one 25GB partition of a 225GB hard drive. I keep getting error messages that the partition is full. Can I safely move parts of the OS over to the other partition, if so which files? It seems that most of the files are located in Windows (4.5GB), Program Files (6.9GB), and WSUS (9.9GB). If I understand, WSUS is for automatic backups (?) and if so should it necessarily be so large? Also, is resizing the partitions feasible or reasonably safe to do?

Thank you!

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WSUS is a Windows Update Server, not for backups.

by seanferd In reply to What is "normal" SBS2003 ...

It would be best to clone the partition before you expand it, in case something goes wrong.

But if all the rest of the drive is unallocated space, sure, you can grow the partition to the full size of the disk or anything large enough to suit you. If the drive space is occupied, you will have to move the data elsewhere and delete or shrink another partition before you can grow the partition in question. The unallocated space must be contiguous with the partition in question.

You can use Window's own drive management or another partition manager. I'd suggest using gparted or similar off a live CD with the Windows OS offline.

No, you can't just move, say, your Program File directory to another partition. There will be far too many problems to fix if you do this.

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