What is safest remote connection from home to a small business?

By gladerac ·
My friend has a small business with a Dell desktop running XP. The Dell is currently connected to a Belkin router/wireless which is connected to the cable modem.

She would like to connect from home to the office using her iPhone/iPad. The Dell must stay at XP until the business software releases a version for other than XP. There are also a few laptops that access the business software but do not need Internet access.

What is the safest way to configure her office so she can remotely connect? I had planned on removing the Belkin as wireless does not work in the old building.


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RE:- What is safest remote connection from home to a small business?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What is safest remote con ...

A VPN is the best idea here though how you go about setting things up is a different story.


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I was thinking along the lines of a direct modem to modem connection,
like the old Hyperterminal...but Win7 doesn't have it.

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Hperterminal for Windows 7...but Win7 doesn't have it.

by dldorrance In reply to What is safest remote con ...
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Use VNC or VPN

by robo_dev In reply to What is safest remote con ...

For the PC, use the free application UltraVNC, and for the IOS device use a product like Mocha VNC or Remoter ($10)

On the firewall, open a non-standard port, define a NAT rule to get to the PC and set a strong password for the VNC app.

While VNC by default does not use encryption, as long as you use something other than port 5900 and an easily guessed password, that is reasonably secure. Do not run VNC at the standard port or you will get constant hacking attempts for that device.

While a VPN would, in fact, be more secure, you would either need to:

a) invest in a different router/firewall, such as a Cisco, SonicWall, Barracuda, or similar device AND you will need to either find a suitable VPN client or make 100% sure it works with IOS and the Safari web browser or built-in VPN utility on the device.

For example, Cisco makes some very nice ASA 5000 series security appliances that are firewalls and VPN devices, and then you would use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client for iPad (or possibly the built-in VPN utility on the IOS device)

Deploy (on a separate PC) an software-based VPN such as the one built into MS SBS 2003 or an open source solution like Adito OpenVPN. OpenVPN uses the web-browser on the client side, but have not tested it on an IOS device.

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Try LogMeIn

by dave In reply to What is safest remote con ...

They have a free app for the iPad\iPhone

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Logmein Hamachi

by project In reply to What is safest remote con ...

For an easy and secure VPN use Logmein Hamachi.

If you decide to connect a laptop or some other mobile device you have the benefit of having an always on mobile VPN solution . Also, it is very easy to setup and manage when compared to your standard VPN setups.

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by TonyReilly In reply to What is safest remote con ...

Working in healthcare we use Logmein as it is secure and accredited for use.
Well worth a look.

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Team Viewer

by ken In reply to What is safest remote con ...

We have migrated away from VPN as that requires too much management for several remote users that change locations frequently and has been compromised, to a product called "TeamViewer". We use TeamViewer to manage our fifteen remote location computers and it works seamlessly. TeamViewer uses RSA and AES (256 bit) encryption as well as session passwords and Verasign code signing. Easy to use. Another great aspect is that you can use TeamViewer as a BST monitor for system status as the nodes that are set up on your list for automatic remote control show up on a menu that displays if the machine is online or off at any moment. Great program, free version works as well as full version which is abit spendy, but for remote access for end users to see their workstation as if they were sitting in front of it and for IT to be able to remote in, watch, or control remote PC it is simply the best option out there right now.

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Reponse To Answer

by Bruce Epper In reply to Team Viewer

Another advantage of TeamViewer is that you can use it to simply create a VPN to the machine as well instead of just a remote control session.

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Web based vs. Software

by a.portman In reply to What is safest remote con ...

TeamViewer, Logmein, Gotomeeting and are all easy and provide security. They all also go through a third party. If you do not want to share your email address, client's email address or other data with an advertiser, use your own software as robo_dev suggested. TightVNC, RealVNC and UltaVNC all provide instructions and multiple clients. They can also work with a browser and without a client. TeamViewer, Logmein, and all have TightVNC in their core.

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