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    what is SAP


    by chetananandmisra ·


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      I’ll be brief …

      by older mycroft ·

      In reply to what is SAP

      It’s any or all of the following:

      Found in a dictionary.

      Someone who is so lazy & asks silly questions

      Remember them ?

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        by dr dij ·

        In reply to I’ll be brief …

        here’s some SAP Haiku

        basically it is an ERP system that everyone in india thinks will make them big $. Problem is that too many people in one field means no jobs for inexperienced people and lots of jobs for trainers who collect your money.

        If you can’t even name what it is when you have search engines present, suggest trying another field. India needs project managers desparatley as they can’t even complete a freeway interchange.

        try software testing. writing reports. dozens of other things.

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      What is SAP?

      by dadspad ·

      In reply to what is SAP


      ?noun 1. the juice or vital circulating fluid of a plant, esp. of a woody plant.
      2. any vital body fluid.
      3. energy; vitality.
      4. sapwood.
      5. Slang. a fool; dupe.
      6. Metallurgy. soft metal at the core of a bar of blister steel.
      ?verb (used with object) 7. to drain the sap from.

      Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing; SAP AG

      Special Access Program (US DoD

      Subatomic Particles

      Service Access Point

      Session Announcement Protocol

      Service Advertising Protocol (Novell NetWare)

      Stabilisation and Association Process (EU)

      South African Police

      Structural Adjustment Program (International Monetary Fund)

      Second Audio Program

      Secondary Audio Programming

      strong anthropic principle

      Special Assistance Plan

      South African Party

      The above is only a SMALL sample of acronyms. Now you may see why a better reference on what SAP you are looking for.

      Good luck.

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      To know what is SAP

      by shereif maged ·

      In reply to what is SAP

      in the field of ERP and business application SAP is:

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