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    what is share point?

    by geetha6211 ·


    What is sharePoint ? How can we use for business purpose:

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      Share point

      by deborasumopayroll ·

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      Organizations use SharePoint to create websites. You can use it as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from any device. All you need is a web browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.
      As the product changes, as SharePoint evolves and becomes even more mature as part of Office 365 with groups for office 365, with one drive for business, the reason I recommend people go to or use SharePoint in many cases it’s that one, it is a web platform. That means everyone in the organization can always access it with any browser today. So that is definitely amazing, especially since as we are going to 2015, we’re seeing more and more of this bring your own device.
      People on Macs, people using Chrome, people using any other computer, not necessarily just Windows computer so we’re very excited to see that mobility available in SharePoint, not just through theweb browser but all of the other apps that come with it to help you use SharePoint.
      Now the other reason why I would want to use SharePoint for my organization is we’ve got that platform perfect. But what can we do with it? The idea is that you can do anything, right? It’s a platform. So if today you want to use SharePoint to build a team site and collaborate with your colleagues you can, but tomorrow using the same skills that you’ve learned.
      So you don’t have to learn a new tool, a new program. With the same skills you’ve learned you can then build an Internet, a public-facing website. You can build an application, a CRM, though I won’t necessarily recommend, there are already CRMs out there, but the idea is that you can really tailor SharePoint to your needs.
      Why use SharePoint? It’s web platform. You can access it from anywhere. It’s part of the Microsoft Suite you benefit from everything that comes with it. Instant communication with Link, Skype, OfficeSuite combined into it. Having all of these things work together with SharePoint and then, of course, that whole mobility story and OneDrive for Business to bring and eliminate the whole on-premises desktop and really make it so it doesn’t matter whether your colleagues or your employees have to have a desktop and migrate their profiles.

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      know about share point

      by shinamiler ·

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      SharePoint is a web-based collaborative stage that combines with Microsoft Office. It is started in 2001, SharePoint is primarily traded as a document management and storage system, but the product is highly configurable and usage varies substantially among organizations.

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      share point

      by oliverzofia ·

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      SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform by Microsoft Office.

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      share point

      by asthasage955 ·

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      Generally, share point refers to a browser-based business collaboration and document management platform for the enterprise and the web from Microsoft. The shared point is placed on a separate server and shared across the network which can be accessed with the help of the web browser.

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      All in one platform

      by vishnuvix ·

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      Sharepoint is Microsoft’s all in one platform for document sharing, collaboration, etc. It can be used to deploy a lot of services such as an intranet, O365, Business apps etc.

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