What is stopping me from connecting to the internet?

By anansiman ·
I am at a lost as to why I can't get on the Internet. I am looking at a Samsung laptop, model NP355E5C. It is running windows 8 and it says I am connected to the internet, but yet I can't connect to any website. I ran my anti-spywares and come up empty. Can you help me find out WHY I can't connect? I tried using two different browsers and still couldn't connect eventhough the computer says I am connected to the internet. The browsers kept saying it couldn't find the server.

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What type of modem do you have?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What is stopping me from ...

Basically what is the computer you are using connecting to?

All it is telling you is that it can connect to whatever external device you are using not that that device is connected to the internet. There is no way of telling that the modem is working so it is quite possible to connect to the modem and not get a internet connection.

What you need to do here is unplug the modem leave it unplugged for at least 30 seconds and then plug it back in and allow to boot up.

After you do that you should have a working internet connection provided that there is no break between the modem and your ISP and that you have a valid Internet Connection. Of course.


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Thank you

by anansiman In reply to What type of modem do you ...

Thank you, Hal! I will try unplugging the modem to my desktop, but internet works fine on my desktop computer. I will see what happens after the modem reboots. The laptop is fairly new so I'm not sure why it's wireless connection would not be working.Thanks. I will let you.

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