what is sun solaris

By muleram ·
What is sun solaris in comparision to windows.I have access to windows software only and have no idea what Solaris is and what its mean to achieve.

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check this out

by Shellbot In reply to what is sun solaris

Gives a pretty good definition of Solaris,
well better than i could give you anyways :)

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Sun Solaris

by 3xp3rt In reply to what is sun solaris

It's a server operating system. For more info go to

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short answer

by bigbigboss In reply to what is sun solaris

Solaris is a UNIX operating system for machines sold by Sun Microsystems, typically UNIX servers and workstations (drafting, engineering, etc.)

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by bennettjr In reply to short answer

Solaris runs on standard x86/amd64 hardware as well as Sun's UltraSPARC systems.

It's a carrier grade UNIX. It's designed for the datacenter but works well on the desktop if you're proficient with UNIX. It's primary advantage is scalability. Because of its memory management, device management, and runtime features it offers near linear scalability across 128 cores or more.

It is commonly found in large enterprises running very large databases or any other application that requires shoveling lots of data around. It's the OS behind Google, Amazon, Bank of America, and just about every wireless carrier.

Although it can run on almost any desktop PC, it is the UNIX of choice for many midrange and High Performance Computing applications. Not to start a flame war, but in comparison, Windows is a quaint little toy.

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Sun Solaris

by michael.simonyi In reply to what is sun solaris

Solaris is a very mature state of the art OS. Typically found at the enterprise level in a computing environment. It runs mission critical applications and typically when used in conjunction with SUN Hardware runs it's application extreamly well. You will also find it in engineering organizations for cad/cam etc. They make great DB servers, Notes application servers and excellent firewalls. You can download Solaris free from SUN and install it on Intel or AMD Hardware. If you visit you can get just about any opensource application your heart desires. If you want a comparrison of platform between windows you will get varying responses, however from a vet, if I had a choice on deployment over windows, Solaris and Sun would be in my tool kit.

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