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    What is TechRepublic?


    by magnetix ·

    These newsletters have been showing up in my Inbox, but I have no idea why. I don’t recall ever having signed up with TechRepublic, whatever it is. Is it a commercial enterprise? Is it connected to a magazine? Could someone please enlighten me??

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      by magnetix ·

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      by rob mekel ·

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      TR … TechRepublic … Site for IT personal and IT interested people to learn and to share their knowledge of IT

      On the why you receive emails of TR … unless you are a member of their sister company’s, like CNET, and enlisted there for getting info on a topic you are interested in.

      Have fun while wondering around.


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      Question is double posted

      by beth blakely ·

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      ignore this one
      (except for Rob’s fabulous response above, of course) 😉

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