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What IS the Appropriate Attire for an Interview?

By CaptBilly1Eye ·
In the old days of "Dress For Success," the three piece suit for men and the dress suit for women were the recommended uniforms for attending that all-important first interview. Times have surely changed and company dress codes have been loosened for so long that there doesn't appear to be as much focus on dress as there once was. What's your opinion?

When dressing for your first interview, what would you wear? As an interviewer, what would you like to see an interviewee wear? Does it make a large difference based on the job you/they are applying for (i.e. IT Manager, Graphics Designer, Web Developer, Technical Support Analyst, Help Desk)? Does it still matter?

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Coat and Tie for Men, Business Suit for Women

by Wayne M. In reply to What IS the Appropriate A ...

I expect to see the more formal end of common business attire in an interview. This gives the impression that the interviewee went out of his way to prepare for the interview. To show up in business casual or less formal makes me feel that the interviewee was just squeezing the interview into his day and was not treating it as anything special.

To overcome this bad first impression, a candidate would have to show that he is clearly a superior find and he would have to do it quickly. A while back, we had a candidate for a senior programming position show up in a sport coat thrown over jeans and a t-shirt; I'm not even sure his hair was combed. I think we set a new record in walking him though the interview list and out the door.

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Scope out the building first

by SlappyMcnasty In reply to Coat and Tie for Men, Bus ...

If possible I like to visit the building prior to the interview. My rule is to dress slightly better than the average employee you see walking in the door.
If they are in jeans, khakis and polo shirt, if they are in khakis, dress pants and shirt, if they are in dress pants, go with the suit.

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1 Step up from what the interviewer is wearing.

by Dr_Zinj In reply to Scope out the building fi ...

Slappy has it right. Underdressing sends a message that you either don't care, or are sloppy.

Dressing the same level doesn't make you stand out, so if you're no different, then why should we hire you.

Way overdressing means you either are stupid, a snob, or just think you're better than everyone else, so why are you looking for a job here?

1 step up indicates that you took the time to do a little research, that you respect the interviewer(s), and that you stand out a bit from the playing field. i.e. you're good, but not threatening.

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Very good advise!

by PalKerekfy In reply to Scope out the building fi ...
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by JamesRL In reply to Coat and Tie for Men, Bus ...

You should dress like you made an effort.

It doesn't have to be the most formal suit(unless applying for sales job or management position), it can be a sports jacket (Blue blazer, grey pants always works).

I had one candidate show up in running shoes. Tatty old running shoes. Those do not meet our business casual requirements even....


Collapse - mean I can't wear my bathrobe and fuzzy slippers to an interview?

by Why Me Worry?? In reply to Coat and Tie for Men, Bus ...

No wonder they were looking at me funny and the ladies were gazing at my boxer shorts when I entered the receptionist area.

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I've interviewed in my underwear several times ..

by SObaldrick In reply to mean I can't we ...

.. and got the job. 4 of my last 5 contract jobs I took the job without a face-to-face interview. The idea of contract-to-hire is so much easier than interviewing for a full-time position. And neither party has to go out of their way to be perfect at the interview. Get you foot in the door. If you're good they'll hire you, if not they won't. Similarly, if the company is successful and intersting, I'll stay. If not, I'll go find another contract when this one is up. No messing about with suits and ties required - I interview so much better in my underwear.


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Ties are Evil

by jolevine In reply to I've interviewed in my un ...

No offense meant but a woman had to have invented the Tie which to me is a symbol of a leash/control?

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Sounds good to me

by nickwarhead In reply to I've interviewed in my un ...

Sounds good to me. They are not hiring your suit to do the job, their hiring a person by what's in their minds and in their hearts. These fake *** business people need to learn that.

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Sign of respect

by blackdogphoto In reply to Coat and Tie for Men, Bus ...

The debate of "Do I have to wear a tie", "This is only a part-time job", should never have been started. The whole reason of dressing nicely for a job interview shows not only respect you have for the person that is interviewing you, also it shows that you have respect for yourself. If someone dosen't have a business suit, don't run out and buy one, see if someone you know could let you borrow it or a Sport Coat even a pairof nice pants a nice shirt and tie is better than showing up in no tie.I know that in 95% of the job market you do get a higher mark if you dress appropriately. Good luck, show them you have respect for yourself.

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