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What is the best (and cheapest) Help Desk software?

By ohiois ·
We are exploring options on either updating our current version of Track It or purchasing a new software. I was wondering what everyone thought of the available products. So far it appears that Track It has the most features, but some of them can be quite costly. I have also looked at Footprints, but I was not impressed.

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phphelpdesk free but needs improvement

by pbsluvr In reply to What is the best (and che ...

Our organization uses phphelpdesk on a LAMP platform. It is fairly useful. I had to modify the code to allow for re-assignment amongst IT staff as well as a few display formatting modifications but on the whole it is fairly effective in our 150 user organization.

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phphelpdesk is now too old

by pbsluvr In reply to phphelpdesk free but need ...

try myhelpdesk or otrs
both are free. We had to modify myhelpdesk slightly to enable the new ticket email notification.

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Vision Helpdesk is Cheap Helpdesk Software among Professional Helpdesk

by tomfoster In reply to phphelpdesk free but need ...

Vision Helpdesk is economical and Professional Helpdesk Software.

They offer 20% Discount on their Owned Licenses for Kayako, Cerberus, Zendesk and other helpdesk softwares.

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by BR-549 In reply to What is the best (and che ...

You may have to invest time in customizing them, but, other people are also writing modules for them.

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How about OPEN SOURCE based IRI?

by VytautasB In reply to What is the best (and che ...

Our Defence Staff IT and T specialists have set up a pilot program forhardware and software management with Help Desk Capability. It is based on open source software. I don't know what you think of OSw products but you do get the source code. If you have people who can program you can adapt the software to your particular needs. Below I will put down a brief description from the IRI website:
IRM - The Information Resource Manager

IRM, the Information Resource Manager, is a powerful web-based asset tracking and trouble ticket system built for IT departments and HelpDesks. It keeps detailed information about each computer, as well as providing a trouble ticket system, an FAQ system, and a Knowledgebase, which are all interweaved into a seamless web application.
Hope this helps you find what you are looking for.

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Liberum Helpdesk

by Soulman918 In reply to What is the best (and che ...

Liberum is a free Helpdesk program built on ASP. The back end database can be either an Access or SQL database. This is a fairly easy to use application and easy to teach people. I've been using it now for about six months between two locations and it works great! Any problems I've had, I can usually find an answer in the forums for.

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by ravindran.k In reply to Liberum Helpdesk

Hi All,

Liberum is easy to configure and deploy.. No need to make any major changes to the intranet server..

I have already installed it locally and on I server..

Looks good..

Will keep u all posted..


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Three thumbs up for liberium!

by Forum Surfer In reply to Liberum

I used that at several workplaces up until I felt the need to add in inventory, bar coding, purchasing, software tracking and other aspects of IT into one giant-enormous-not-so-user-friendly-secure-web-based-sql-backend-custom-uber-wonder-solution. Works great, I actually caught myself "stealing" software last week. I forgot to enter one of my new software licenses into the system. Management of the system is a nightmare. It is overly complex, but management insisted. Ugh. Helpdesk calls have dropped since the implementation, which I suspect the culprit is the utterly confusing user interface.

I do miss Liberium with a sql back end, it was simple and easy for myself and users to understand. All it needed was a small footprint on a sql server and the intranet. Even supporting a large wan with close to 10,000 nodes (phones, pc's or whatever) liberium needed no upkeep and minimum space.

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by mllwyd In reply to What is the best (and che ...

We use a product called Autotask. You can purchase it outright or use the hosted version (that's what we use). Not only does it have Help Desk, it also has project management and some other stuff. Cost per user hosted is $30/month. Users would be your techs. It's not perfect, but we like it ok.

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Can You Provide More Info?

by lrobertson In reply to Autotask

Mllwyd: My firm is in discussions with Autotask as we speak. Can you be a bit more specific on what works and what doesn't. Your input as an active user is most appreciated.

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