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What is the best AntiVirus and AntiSpam combination?

By Cerebral*Origami ·
I would like to post a question for discussion:
What is the best Antivirus and Antispam combination for a Small business Server with 20 workstations?

I have been using Symantec's Endpoint and Bright mail products.

I am currently awaiting a Barracuda antispam appliance to try and take the load off my server (Brightmail is pegging the ol' memory meter).

My antivirus just expired.

I had planned on using Symantec antivirus and the barracuda (assuming it checks out) for antispam.

Problem: Starting this year Symantec is bundling everything into one product.

I need a solution I can control from the server as I have users who like to disable/cancel virus scans and updates.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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by Cerebral*Origami In reply to What is the best AntiViru ...

It turns out that even though Symantec bundled its antivirus and antispam they are still separate programs and can be installed on separate machines.
I spoke to a Symantec tech who explained how to set up the antispam on a separate box using some form of VMware called ESXI and a router set to send port 25 to the box and everything else to the small business server.
As the antispam is free with the antivirus and my only hardware cost is a box with a dual core chip, network port and an 80 gig SATA drive as well as a cheap router this seems to be the best way to go.

I am still interested in any other ideas/set ups.


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I hear

by jck In reply to UPDATE:

Trend Micro does something with server console-controlled AV.

I use ZoneAlarm products at home, but don't do server-controlled configs.

Good luck.

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