What is the best automatic transcription software you've used?

Hello Guys!! I want to know that what you guys think about this topic. Share your opinion for this topic...
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Google has launched a new sftware based on AI to transcripte.
This is a google reacorder.
You could find it in google pixel 4.
Or search may they put it available .
It's smart an offline

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automatic transcription

by deborasumopayroll In reply to What is the best automati ...

1. Listen N Write

Listen N Write is a straightforward and easy to use tool for transcription. It doesn't have too many sophisticated options but a simplistic interface to convert the speech to text. You can skip or rewind the file to ease transcription task.

2. Eurescribe

EureScribe makes the transcription faster for audio and video files. One of its striking features is that it breaks down larger media files into smaller segments. This can help you memorize quickly, and you can also use many keyboard shortcuts to have a hassle free typing experience. The output will be stored in RTF file or as subtitles video files if you are making movie subtitles.


MAXQDA is a powerful transcription and data analysis tool. You have various options to analyze interview, audio/video files, images, and online surveys. Unstructured data and test theories can be organized to generate creative graphics and reports. The tool can be used to adapt the audio speed quickly and adjust the sound. Also, by the use of foot pedals, transcription can be accelerated.

4. Transcribe! - Seventh String

Transcribe! from Seventh String is useful for users who deal with music and audio files. It can be used to work with a particular part of music from a recording.

5. Enhilex Medical Transcription Software

Enhilex Medical Transcription Software is designed for easing out the medical transcription process. Medical terms and abbreviations can be easily managed using this tool. It can hold an unlimited number of lab names and abbreviations across various folders.

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