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what is the best career in IT

By okpere_emma ·
Could any body tell the best career in IT.

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In my humble opnion

by LordInfidel In reply to what is the best career i ...

The best path to take is in network engineering/security/topology/Mail and domain administration.

Dot Coms may come and go, and the "specialized web programmers" will have less jobs to choose from.

But most companies will need engineers. It'sbest to be all around. But the most secure job for the future would be in the network engineering side of the house.

It's also the sweetest because no one in management questions your tactics. Plus you are usually indespensable.

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Network/Systems Administration

by dbaldwin In reply to what is the best career i ...

Definately go with Network or Systems Administration.

- The pay is usually good.
- The environment is usually casual
- There is often little to no traveling
- You get to work with systems and learn their ways
- No one in management questions your 'leet techie speak
- You get to eat Doritos while thumbing through logs looking for Pr0n on your network every Friday
- You get to belong to lots of discussion groups and get help from a very helpful peer group
- You will always have job security.

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Yawn...another dumb, unanswerable q

by Pandadude In reply to what is the best career i ...

Here are some more...
What's the best career in the world ?
What's the best tasting food in the world ?
Who is the prettiest woman in the world ?
Go talk to a mirror, pal.

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You did'nt have to post

by LordInfidel In reply to Yawn...another dumb, unan ...

If you don't have an opinion worthy of discussion. Don't post.

Why am I harsh? Because when I first started I asked the same Damn question!!

I am glad that someone answered me with an intelligible answer.

Don't be a AOL'r!

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The one that makes you happy

by James R Linn In reply to what is the best career i ...

Whats right for one person isn't right for another.

Someone once had some great advice - find what makes you happy and the rest will follow.

Think about it - if you love programming you won't be a happy system admin and vice versa. Sometimes you have to try a few things to see for yourself.


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Systems Admin....maybe....

by TZapf In reply to what is the best career i ...

I've noticed that in my 3 jobs as a network/systems admin, it's alot of putting out fires. You'll get calls all day about printers not working and "I can't get my Word files" and stuff like that, so it can get frustrating.

Plus if the network were to go down suddenly (depending on your company) business might come to a halt, and the CEO is on his way to your office to find out what's going on. And if you're the only administrator you're basically on call 24x7. are your own boss pretty much. And you learn a ton, and you are mission critical, probably won't be included in any layoffs since the corporate network is gonna be high on the list of priorities. I also don't see demand falling off anytime soon, more and morenetworks are being built everyday, not torn down.

I myself find more enjoyment in programming, it's kind of like an artform.

Go with whatever you like!!


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Re: Sys Admin ... maybe

by T Bowman In reply to Systems Admin....maybe... ...

I agree with TJ. Of course, I'm a bit prejudice. :) I don't have the patience to
program anything more than a few 'bat' files or small scripts. I'm very comfortable with servers, OS's and such. I LIKE the fact that I'm responsible for the servers 24/7. So far, it's been good for my career. :)
As for user problems and such: if you can get in a position like I had where my job was servers and not user support - you've got one of the best jobs in the world.
I prefer Sys Admin to Net Admin but it's probably because that's what I've done the most. Job Security (if you are good) is a
non-issue unless the whole company folds.


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I agree with TZapf

by Gus Stella In reply to Systems Admin....maybe... ...

TJ is right on the money.

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Happiness first

by generalist In reply to what is the best career i ...

If you can find an IT job doing what you like the most, you will have the ideal position.

That job may be dealing with hardware, software or people. In the wide world of IT you can usually find a mix that best fits your likes and dislikes. The hard part is finding a job that fits that mix.

My personal likes are programming and dealing with people. By being a programmer/analyst in a small IT organization, I can get the mix I like. If I were in a large IT organization I might be able toget that mix IF the organization permitted it. But some large IT organizations have a more formal structure that has analysts that deal with people and programmers that deal with code.

To personalize the answer, I'd have to know what your likes and dislikes happen to be. But I can give you the generic "do what you like the most" because that answer works.

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The one where you

by admin In reply to what is the best career i ...

automate everything, but it can't survive without you at the same time. Maybe admin, although it depends on the shop. I would really look into places where a combo of hardware/software skills are needed such as frozen food plants (i used to work at one) or automated mills etc. It's pretty hard to find people with excellent hardware/ software skills as I understand still, and you can do a lot of cool stuff while on your pager that's directly hooked into the cold storage monitors etc.

Actually, you'll want to avoid the straight path of tech training, unless someone here knows of a program in this besides the military (they do this well). :)

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