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What is the best dual chip board to get?

By trufflehunter ·
I'm planning to build a box that will be used in equal parts for gaming, graphics, and video processing.

I've been shopping around for dual chip mobo's and was wondering if there are any with FSB's faster than the 266MHz. Additional spec req's: Dual channel DDR, 8x AGP, and SATA.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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What is the best dual chip board to get?

by TheChas In reply to What is the best dual chi ...

Looking at your other question, I see that your interest is AMD based systems.

The AMD 760 chip-set is limited to a 266MHz FSB.

The AMD dual CPU system is targeted at the server market, not the home or game market.
Both your operating system and software need to be designed for a dual processor system to get ANY performance benefit.

Further, you can get faster Athlon XP's than you can MPs.

So, for gaming and graphics, I would instead select a motherboard with the nVidia chip-set onit and use a single Athlon XP CPU.

For digital video, I recommend using P4s.

The one area where P4s significantly outperform AMD CPUs is processing digital video.

If you expect to do a lot of digital video, I would switch horses and choose a Pentium 4 based system.


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by wlbowers In reply to What is the best dual chi ...

Go to anandtech.com and read their reviews of motherboards.

Lots of good information on everything computer.

Good Luck Lee

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