What is the best free email service (no google)?

By raspark ·
My wife and I are looking to stop our dependence on Google, because they seem to be changing, and not for the better. Does anyone have any suggestions for a free email account?

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Free E-Mail

by Mehul Bhai In reply to What is the best free ema ...

Hotmail, Yahoo, aol, etc. and may more.
Look here

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If you need pop/smtp

by TobiF In reply to What is the best free ema ...

Most free email services come only as webmail (so that the provider can throw megabytes of ads at you while you're communicating).

I know only of two providers of free email that allow you to use pop/smtp, without belonging to an ISP etc.
The first one is the one you want to NOT use...
The other one is (I know, it's in Russian, so it may prove inconvenient. Over the years, they've had big problems with spam, but it seems to be much better now)

I use a very decently priced Danish web hotel/email provider for my own domain,
Services are pretty basic, the webmail is barely useful. But I've been using them for 7 years and remain (mostly) happy. They've set up secure connections for pop/smtp on ports that are usually not blocked by ISPs, so that you can send emails via secure smtp from almost anywhere (except from inside some corporate networks with thick firewalls)

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to If you need pop/smtp

AFAIK Hotmail, GMail and AOL now allow POP3 Access and they are free. Yahoo allows POP3 as paid service in their main mail services, while their services in some Asian countries allow POP3 access free.

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how about your ISP?

by PurpleSkys In reply to What is the best free ema ...

Do they not offer mail service with your internet subscription? If so, you're paying for it, why not give it a shot. We use ours with MS Outlook and we both like it.

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to how about your ISP?
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by Churdoo In reply to What is the best free ema ...

Free is never free. As pointed out by another poster, the freebie accounts are free for a reason ... they are paid by advertisers, and who do you suppose is constantly bombarded with their ads? Also, the freebie services are constantly trolled by spammers and hackers. Within days or even hours, oftentimes the freebie accounts start to receive SPAM and it just continues to get worse. Plus hackers continue to try to brute force passwords so they can hack the account and SPAM your address list.

ISP is an option as pointed out, unless you're looking for a somewhat permanent solution independent of your ISP. With an ISP email account, if you change ISP's you have to change email addresses.

So to expand on what Tobi said, if you're looking for permanent email presence and want to have some sense of protection from spammers/hackers, pay a couple of bucks a year, it's not much, for a real service, or even register your own domain and sign on with an inexpensive hosting company.

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