What is the BEST home server software for small end users.

By A1pilot ·
No I'm not talking about little people. A long long time ago in a gallaxy far far away.... I was a Novell certified network admininistrator for Novell 3.11/3.12.

In fact I have kept that system going ever since then (1992) in our home where the most folks we have ever had connected to that server is about 6.

Now we have upgraded a couple of our computers to Win 7 64 bit, these computers will not even see the Novell network. They turn their CPU's up at the thought of even trying to connect to the ancient system.

So I am looking for the Best, but least expensive server NOS to put on a stand alone machine as a dedicated server, as I just happen to have several machines laying around that aren't dinasaures yet, that can serve that job just fine.

Just like Novell, about the only thing we would be doing with this server is file sharing and running an occational application that several machines need to access.

If I want to pay megs bucks I can go with Windows Home Server software. But since I like the sound of "Free" software I thought an Open Source NOS might be a better choice for our needs.

The problem with Open Source software (OSS)is I know absolutely nothing about Linx, BSD, Apache, Debian, or any of the other OSS out there as I've always been a DOS / Windows person.

I was a computer instructor for several years and have seen a lot of software that most folks haven't even heard about or have totally forgotten about, and I try to stay current on the new MS software and some of the other programs out there. But I never got into the Linux or any of the Linux derivative software that has come out in recent years.

All the machines we have are DOS / Windows based except one, that might be fun to network, but this MAC doesn't need to be linked right now.

So what is the BEST NOS software for us to use in this situation? Free sound good to me, but will I be able to learn (I'm not quite to the "Old Dog" stage yet) the Open Source software and be able to set up a server and then connect all these other computers from Pentium 1, 32 and 64 bit and above to this serve with MINIMAL hassels and frustrations?

Inquiring minds what to know--
Thanks for your help with this puzzle.

Richard Hughes

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I'm using OpenSuSE

by oldbaritone In reply to What is the BEST home ser ...

given your background, you might find it works for you too.

I'm running squid and squidGuard, proxying the internet for the kids.

Apache/MySql/Perl running e107 serving a couple of low-volume sites

Samba as a network file server to the Windows machines

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by A1pilot In reply to I'm using OpenSuSE

Thank you bot hfor your recommendations on OpenSuSe. I would like to try it.

I've down loaded the file.

Is there a step by step procedures file that I can access?

Since this will be a very small (less than 5 at one time) network, and mostly used to share files and a few programs, can I use a P1 machine for the server?

What is the minimum server requirements for memory, hard drive size and accessories, i.e. cd\dvd drives?

Where can I find out more about the OpenSuSe 11.3 version? A OpenSuSe for dummies matbe?

What Operating system would be the best to use? DOS or Windows XP?

As you can see I have a bunch of questions on this, new for me, software.

Where is the best place to go to find out everything I ever wanted to know about OpenSuSe but didn't have the knowledge to ask at this time?

Thanks for your help with this!


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That *is* the operating system.

by seanferd In reply to OpenSuSe

SUSE is the Linux distribution that Novell took over, OpenSUSE is the free open-source version.

I imagine that the zip file contains an ISO that you would burn to disk and then use the disk to install. Like most installs, SUSE will walk you through the install itself.

All the documentation and whatnot is here:

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I'd have to go with Open SUSE as well

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What is the BEST home ser ...

Novel are attempting to make this the most Windows Friendly Nix Distribution out there and with your Background with Novel it is probably not as big a step as some may think it is.

Just a suggestion though I would suggest you Edit out your E_Mail Address as this is a Public Forum and it does attract quite a few Bots that Harvest E-Mail Addresses. Not a good idea to make your E-Mail Address Public unless you like Spam flooding your In Box.


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Amahi is the open-source equivalent of Windows Home Server

by robo_dev In reply to What is the BEST home ser ...

I hate to admit it, but I run Windows XP pro as my home server, and also on my other 12 machines at home. I do have Ubuntu on a laptop though....

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