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What is the best image editing software?

By jardinier ·
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Price is not a consideration. A certain wealthy friend of mine who forgot my birthday will be told that I want this software for my present.

[Last year I asked for a lightweight sweater (called a jumper in Australia) and she produced a $AU 600 Kashmir sweater.]

Some of the features which I especially require are:

1. The percentage size of the image so that I know how much to reduce it -- without hassling with calculating pixels.

2. The ability to significantly reduce the size of the image without distortion.

3. The ability to read any type of image e.g. gif, jpg, bmp and so forth.

4. Will work preferably on Win 98x and upwards, but XP is OK if necessary.

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The choice of

by XT John In reply to What is the best image ed ...

design professionals, and the printing trade is Adobe Photoshop. This is total overkill for the home user, and quite expensive. One of the best FREE tools I've used is Gimp.

It's well worth the download. You may be able to find an older version of Photoshop that's less expensive, and not so demanding for 'top of the line' hardware.

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I Agree

by animatech In reply to The choice of

If you are using WIN98x then don't even bother with top of the range software.
GIMP is excellent and free.
And as for your friend, why don't you ask a subscription for a photo design magazine or something like that, If you are really into taking photos and edit them :)

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The reason I use the software

by jardinier In reply to I Agree

is for the various websites I publish which are graphic intensive.

These images are downloaded from the web and have to be adjusted to suit my application.

Currently I have two programs -- Micrografx Picture Publisher (an early version) and ArcSoft Photo Studio -- which came with my Canon scanner. Micrografx tells me the percentage, but distorts horribly when reducing the size of an image. ArcSoft reduces the size of the image reasonably well, but there is some loss of sharpness.

I also have Corel Draw 12 (compliments of Hal) but have never installed it because I have got by OK with what I have.

Would anyone like to comment on Corel Draw 12? I will install it and experiment anyhow.

You might note that in my question I said that XP is OK. I have two computers with XP, including SP 2. It is just that I have been using an older machine because it has served me so well.

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by animatech In reply to The reason I use the soft ...

This is a trial and error.
I use photoshop and freehand as my favorites applications.
Photoshop is used more for PIC editing.
Freehand is used more for vector related images.
Both compress the file well.
With photoshop you have an option to save the pic for a web use where you will be presented with a few different options which will also give you a list of the image attributes (Size etc...)
I never used coral draw before but I think it is simmilar to freehand.
All up to your preference.

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by jardinier In reply to The choice of

I have tried GIMP before, at the suggestion of Jaqui. It did not meet my specific needs so I deleted it.

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I can't

by XT John In reply to GIMP

say anything about Corel Draw, but my daughter used Gimp for sometime till she outgrew it. She now uses Corel's PaintShop Pro and is a huge fan of it.

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