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    What is the best IT Masters Degree?


    by kdrew225 ·

    I wanted to know what is the best masters degree?
    I amm 23 years old and I am starting Grad school in the fall.

    Information Systems
    Computer Science
    Technology Management
    Software Engineering

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      by nehpets ·

      In reply to What is the best IT Masters Degree?

      At the post graduate level you need to interface with the business, so I would look for a degree that encompasses business and technology. University of New South Wales (Sydney Australia) has one such degree, available externally, Masters of Business Technology, which seeks to marry technology and business and reclaims the high ground from the accountants who think only they can truly manage IT…

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      At the Masters level

      by tig2 ·

      In reply to What is the best IT Masters Degree?

      I would focus back on business. An MBA won’t hurt you at all.

      The bigger question is “what do you want to do?” You may find that grad school is not the right track if your interest is in the hands-on world. If your goal is IT Management, the MBA will prepare you for that track more than a CS degree as it shows a desire to understand both worlds. Technology Management will offer the same benefit with a restricted focus to Tech- MBA is a broad brush.

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      US News and World Report

      by jdmercha ·

      In reply to What is the best IT Masters Degree?

      The best IT masters is the one rated highest by US News.

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      Management or Technical

      by email_quick ·

      In reply to What is the best IT Masters Degree?

      I feel that first you would need to decide whether you want to move into management or be consummately on the technical side.
      I did programming for almost 12 years now after which I got saturated…so I decided to do my Master’s in IT Management to get a break into the management side…I would suggest that having a Master’s in IT Management would help you in the long run and enable to understand the business perspective beneath the technicalities involved.

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      CS or SWE (not IS or TM)

      by aaaaa ·

      In reply to What is the best IT Masters Degree?

      Personally, I would hire someone with an MS in Computer Science above all others listed, but I have a MS in Software Engineering and I make around 160K per year. However, you can get an MS in Computer Science with a concentration in Software Engineering if that’s what you’re into and you basically take the same classes but it looks better. I’d do whatever you are most interested in, but would stay away from Information Systems and Technology Management.

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      one more thing…

      by aaaaa ·

      In reply to What is the best IT Masters Degree?

      IA is a good field, but they are basically glorified System Administrators (which means no respect and no money). I would focus on programming (you mentioned Java, which is fun and there is lots of money in it – especially if you learn J2EE). Do whatever you are interested in, but there is definately more money in programming. I am a few years older in you and work in the DC area as well (contracting to the government) and I do Java development. It is a fun job and there is good money in it. Again, do what you like – just passing on my perspective.

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      Crucial discussion here.

      by anjorinjnr ·

      In reply to What is the best IT Masters Degree?

      Hello everyone, this is a very important issue especially for we young guys starting in the IT world.

      I am 21 years old, and i just finished my undergraduate degree in Computer Information Systems. I want to start my masters very soon, but am still deliberating on which one to go for.
      Personally, i have interest for systems administration, networking and probably telecommunications. However, i have been able to acquire other skills like programming, i use coldfusion and adobe flex well, databases, i use sqlserver quite well and also oracle.

      With i vast skills and solid backgroung in IT, i know i going to be fit for an IT manager, CIO soon when i acquire more experience.

      I am thinkin of going for a MSc and them an MBA.

      I presently have MCP,MCSA and CCNA. Any advice for a suitable program for me. I definately do not want to be consumed with techie things for long.


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