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    What is the best IT Mgt Masters degree?


    by kdrew225 ·

    what is the best mgt master degree to get now?

    Software Enigneering
    Computer science
    Information systems mgt

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      Well it depends

      by j.lupo ·

      In reply to What is the best IT Mgt Masters degree?

      You need to know a little about all of your categories, but if you want Management I would recommend Information Systems Management. Of course if you are in an Engineering company then you want engineering.

      You need to know where you want to work, where you are working, and what is needed for management in that company. It takes time, and there is nothing that says you can’t get more than one.

      Here is the important thing though, you need the experience to go with the degree. Advanced degrees are fine if the company requires it, otherwise experience is more important at that level. Theory only gets you so far, the “school of hard knocks” gets you further.

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        IT mgt masters degree

        by kdrew225 ·

        In reply to Well it depends

        my job does not require it, they are paying for it. I want to get my masters, so I can move up faster and get more money, I have 30 yrs to work. I want my degree now, so when the MS degrees are in demand I will be done.

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      by too old for it ·

      In reply to What is the best IT Mgt Masters degree?

      Masters in Fine Arts, and get away from IT before it implodes.

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        by oy ·

        In reply to MFA

        After about five years they’ll either think you are too old or too expensive so it really doesn’t matter which degree you get unless it’s just a personal goal. Myself? If I were to go back to the classroom I’d study American History and consider teaching. Undoubtedly everyon will tell me there’s no money in it but I’m not exactly living la vida loca on the pennies I make busting my hump to apply my 3o years of I.T. experience. Bail while you still have time.

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